1905 Chicago Cubs replay update: Pirates batter Reulbach as Cubs drop into second place

by Scott Fennessy

Pittsburgh, PA

The Cubs play the Pirates in a quick two game road trip before going home to face the Cardinals in a one game season finale. Today the Cubs send Ed Reulbach, who has faded late in his last start against Sam Leever. Sam has had a fantastic year, but does not get much press due in part to the offense, led by Honus Wagner, Fred Clarke, and Ginger Beaumont. Add in star pitcher Deacon Phillippe and you can see why 20 wins would not get much attention.

The Cubs threaten in the first but come up short and Pittsburgh also misses a chance in the first, so in the second inning things liven up a bit. Art Hofman, who was nearly a late scratch from the game bloops a single over first base and had moved to second with two out when Reulbach hits a soft single to left that scored the first run of the game. The Cubs should have had more, but left runners in scoring position, and the Pirates come to bat in the bottom of the inning down 1-0.

Unfortunately Reulbach clearly does not have his A&C game today and the home team uses a little small ball to get the run back. Bill Clancey gets a single and is bunted to second by Claude Ritchey. Bob Ganley, who has been solid off the bench this year, and is in due to injuries gets a single to right that ties the game. Reulbach stops the rally, but clearly this is not going to be his usual coast to victory today.

The Cubs go down quietly in the third, but the Pirates continue their hitting. Beaumont gets a one out walk and with the hit and run on Wagner rips one to deep left center for an RBI double. Clarke then follows with a double of his own and the buccos have a 2 run lead. Reulbach gets the next two hitters, but the Pirates, who have had a good year, but came up short have followed a different pattern than my 01 replay, when Beaumont carried the team late as Clarke and Wagner faded. This year Wagner has been a brute force since July and while Clarke and Beaumont have faded a bit Clarke has been crushing the ball for the last week.

The Cubs fight back in the fifth inning when Billy Maloney draws a leadoff walk and moves to second with two out. Frank Chance hits a rocket right at Ritchey who promptly throws the ball into the dugout as Maloney scores and Chance gets second on the throw but the rally ends shortly after and the Cubs are still down by one at the end of 5.

Unfortunately for Reulbach he cannot hold the Pirates in check as with one out Clancey drills the first pitch he sees into the right field seats for his 3rd homer of the season. The score was still 4-2 Pittsburgh in the 8th when the Pirates finally finish off Reulbach and the Cubs as Wagner singles and steals second, and Clarke mashes his second 2 bagger of the season to drive home another run. The bullpen warms as Ritchey comes to bat one out later and he delivers the killing blow with a single up the middle. Reulbach hands a disappointed Chance the ball and Carl Lundgren finishes off the inning.

The Cubs try to come back as Maloney singles and steals second with two out, but Leever slams the door and it looks bleak for the Cubs. They still can win, but the Giants after sweeping a double header had tied the Cubs coming into today, so the Cubs find themselves possibly a game down with two to play. The Giants face the Phillies for 3 games, and have owned them of late, so I have a nervous feeling coming into this next game.

Around the horn – The St. Louis Browns, easily the worst team in the AL may have given the Indians the flag today as they stun the White Sox in St. Louis today. Frank Smith started out on fire as he fanned 5 of the first 9 he faced, but tired late and walked the bases loaded before Charles Van Zandt and his .197 average rip a bases clearing double with two out and the Brownies steal a win. Chicago needs to win 3 of its final 4 while the Indians need to lose at least one of their final two.

Jim Dygert of the A’s, a D starter who has not seen much playing time stuns the Senators in DC today with a 5 hitter and allows just one run. Meanwhile the AL batting title continues to be a three ring circus as Harry Bay and Napoleon Lajoie of the Indians face Sam Crawford and the Tigers over the final two games. The three are separated by 5 points for the crown.

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 1930 Cy Perkins

1930 Cy Perkins

Cy Perkins was a useful, if not spectacular catcher who played 15 seasons for the Philadelphia Athletics during his career that lasted from 1915 to 1934.

This card represents his last season with the A’s in 1930.  While Bill Terry, Chuck Klein and Hack Wilson were racking up stats for Monster Cards, Perkins went 6 for 38 for a .158 batting average with just two doubles.  As third string catcher behind Hall of Famer Mickey Cochrane and Wally Schang, there wasn’t much playing time for ‘ol Cy though he did manage to start six games behind the plate. 

1930 Totals 20 7 40 38 1 6 2 0 0 4 0 2 3 .158 .200 .211
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/22/2014.


With two doubles in 40 plate appearances, it seems APBA was generous with extra-base numbers with Perkins.  He could have gotten away with one 66-6 or maybe two zeroes and a sloppy second column. 

I couldn’t find any GIDP data for 1930 but APBA gave him five 24s.  Though, he received two 31s, he’s not an ideal Hit and Run candidate.  He has both a 36-33 and a 56-34. 

Ugly numbers:  25-36, 51-38, 21-24

Perkins has a 31-14 and a 51-38.  It’s interesting that his better number is on the 31 rather on the 51.  On the last few sets that APBA has been releasing, that been more commonplace (ie 31-9 and a 51-14).  This set was released in 1989.

One final note on Cy Perkins… he actually received two votes for the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 1958.   

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A Spring 2015 APBA Tournament in Michigan?

With the Chicagoland Summer APBA Tournament behind us, APBA fans are looking ahead to the future.  First of all, there will be another Chicagoland tournament in Woodstock scheduled for November.

Now it looks like Pastor Rich Zawadzki is seeing what kind of interest there is for a similar tournament in Michigan in Spring of 2015.  He’s posted an announcement on Facebook and it’s already garnered a fair amount of excitement.   

He writes on Facebook:

“Would any APBA Baseball Basic (Cards, Dice, Boards) players in the Greater Michigan (Also OH, IN, IL, etc.) area be interested in a Saturday (Approx 9-5 with lunch) March 1, 2015 tourney in the Jackson / Lansing, MI area?

20 man rosters
Stock teams (No Negro Leagues, OFAS, BATS, etc.) including Great Teams of the Past, and any team from 1901 – 2013 (APBA Only).

Please feel free to tag others in this post, as I am gauging interest at this time.
We need anywhere from 8-16 firm commitments to have a real tourney.”

I think this is fantastic!  I told Rich to keep me in mind for this.  It sounds like a blast. 

If any of you are interested, let Rich know on Facebook.  If you’re not on Facebook, leave a comment below.

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Monster Card Monday: 1987 Dave Smith

David Smith

Today’s Monster Card selection hits close to home for me.  Dave Smith was my very first draft pick in Illowa APBA League. 

This is Smith’s 1987 card for the Astros.  Despite ‘87 being a hitters’ year, Smith had a great year on mound with a a career low 1.65 ERA.  He struck out 73 batters in 60 innings and didn’t give up a single homer.

At the plate, Smith singled once and walked once in three plate appearances. 

1987 Totals 2 3 .400 1.65 50 44 24 60.0 39 13 11 0 21 8 73
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/21/2014.


and his hitting stats…

1987 Totals 50 3 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .500 .667 .500
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/21/2014.


Dave Smith is rated as a A&C* XYZ reliever.  On top of that, “Flight 45” gets quite a hitting card to match his .500 batting average… almost.  He was slightly downgraded.  He received hit numbers 7-7-7-7-7-7-7-8-8-8-9-9.  The inclusion of the 14s make his card make it that much more tougher.  He has nine 14s. 

Fun numbers :  15-7, 26-14, 46-36

Don’t tell the IAL managers this but the 16-year old me was probably more enthralled with the Grade A on rookie Dave Smith’s card in 1981.  Let’s face it though, he was a good pick in hindsight.  Aside from his 1982 season when he was a Grade C*, Smith was never graded lower than B for his first 11 years in the majors. 

I had two picks in my freshman year in the IAL.  Who was the other pick?  A then unknown infielder named Tommy Herr who I picked because he covered second and shortstop.  He turned out ok too. 

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More photos from Saturday’s Chicagoland APBA Tourney

Just a few more photos from the Chicagoland Summer APBA Tournament that took place in Woodstock on Saturday.  Nuts and bolts details of the tournament on this page.

[click on each photo to enlarge]



Group photo!  Squeeze in there, Doug!  They were smart not to include me. 

From left to right:  Jim Welch, Bob Eller, Eric Berg, Clark Eichmann, Curt Bartel, Jim Saska, Pete Gill, Randy Woolley, November champion Scott Fennessy, Don Smith, Larry Eichmann, Bradd Romant, Gary Lindley, Bob Romant, Mrs. Gaubitz (sorry, I didn’t get your first name!), Craig Christian, Michael Gaubitz and Doug Schuyler.



Hanging outside the Woodstock Public Library before it opens.  It was nice for Scott Fennessy and I to get there early.  Last November, we got there late (sorry guys!)



Jim Saska had the idea of starting a new tradition for our tournament.  The previous champion would have the honor of starting the tourney by rolling the first dice roll. 

November’s champion Scott Fennessy rolls a 24.  Fortunately for him, it was non-binding. 



Jim Saska’s custom-made envelopes were awesome!



Baseball cookies!  They were made by a friend of Jim Saska.  Thanks also to Jim for providing a great Italian Beef lunch for a cheap price, too!



Bradd Romant brought along Cecil Cooper for good luck!  It worked as he went 5-0 in his division.  That fact was not lost on Don Smith who also had the ‘82 Brewers and didn’t win a game.  As Don said, “I took the ‘61 Angels last time and I at least won one game.”



Speaking of Don, we heard his duck call a couple times early on but the bats of Gorman Thomas and Co. quieted as the tourney went on.  Rumor has it, Manager Smith blames the umps. 



Look out.. the organizers are collaborating! 

Jim Saska and Doug Schuyler are pulling teams for the consolation round. 



A close look at Craig Christian’s dice tower that won it all.  I’ve thought of making/buying one but it is actually the first time I’ve seen it used for APBA.

Craig was the only person using a tower on Saturday.  Obviously, it worked well for him.



A view from the field.



The quarter-final game between organizers Jim Saska and Doug Schuyler drew probably the biggest crowd save the final championship game.  Despite Mike Schmidt’s late homerun, Doug’s 2001 Mariners pulled out a victory.



However, it was the championship game between Doug’s ‘01 Mariners and the 1968 St Louis Cardinals managed by interim manager Craig Christian who got all the attention. 

It’s too bad manager Jim Welch wasn’t there to see Nellie Briles pitch his team to glory.  Congrats to both Jim and Craig!



Finally, here’s a photo of me courtesy of Doug Schuyler, who knows better to get one of my face. 

This is me winning one of the only two games.  Ron Cey hit two homers in this game, one for for my 1980 Dodgers and one for Scott Fennessy’s 1984 Cubs. 

As Scott quipped, “it must have been an awkward moment for him as he rounded third base.”


Again, here are the bulk of the photos I took on Saturday

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Chicagoland APBA Tournament: Welch, Christian combine to bring home trophy for 1968 Cardinals


James Welch took the 1968 St Louis Cardinals to the finals by winning his division.  Craig Christian finished the job. 

IMG_7233 IMG_7312

On Saturday July 19th in Woodstock, Illinois, the 1968 St Louis Cardinals defeated the 2001 Seattle Mariners in the final game to win the 2014 Chicagoland Summer APBA World Series Tournament.  Not unlike what happened at the National convention tournament, original manager of the ‘68 Cardinals, James Welch (above left) had to leave the tournament early.  He tabbed Craig Christian (right) as his pinch manager.  It proved to be a good move as Craig won it all by beating the Cardinals’ fellow Thomas Division representative Doug Schuyler and his ‘01 Mariners 12-3. 

Eighteen APBA fans participated in the tournament and their teams were divided into three divisions.  Each team played one game against every other team in their division.  The top two winning teams went on to compete in the finals. 

Congratulations go out to the top teams in each division:

Thomas Division

  • Doug Schuyler 2001 Seattle Mariners 5-0
  • James Welch 1968 St Louis Cardinals 4-1

Glavine Division

  • Bradd Romant 1982 Milwaukee Brewers 5-0
  • Robert Eller 1927 New York Yankees 4-1

Maddux Division

  • Jim Saska 1977 Philadelphia Phillies 4-1
  • Eric Berg 2006 Minnesota Twins 4-1

Indeed, it was a battle between veterans like Jim Saska and Doug Schuyer and some tournament rookies like Eric Berg and Bradd Romant.  Even James Welch and Craig Christian are new to the tournament.  Well played, new guys! 


A great new feature of the Chicagoland tournament was the consolation (or loser’s) round.  Congratulations go to Larry Eichmann (above left) who hung in there in the 12-team win-or-go-home bracket.  His ‘62 San Francisco Giants defeated Gary Lindley’s tough 1906 Chicago Cubs in the final game. 

There was no MVP announced but worthy of announcement is Jim Spencer.  Playing for Clark Eichmann’s 1979 New York Yankees, Spencer hit six homeruns in five games.  It’s amazing that the Yanks only won one game with that kind of power. 


Needless to say, a lot of fun was had by everyone.  A lot of thanks go to Jim “Mr. Logistics” Saska and Doug “PR Man” Schuyler.  These tournaments wouldn’t happen without you two.  Each one is getting better and with your help, we’re establishing a great APBA tradition.  Thanks! 

I’ll be posting some more photos and comments in future articles but if you want to see all the photos I took, they are here

I’ll be back in November. 

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OAPBA’s Yearly Leaders

Rod Caborn must know about my thing for an APBA league’s historical stats.  He sent me the yearly leaders for the Orlando APBA Association.   It’s quite an archive going back to when Tony Gwynn won the batting title in 1988 with a .350 average. 


Rod notes:

Thought the attached might be of interest to APBA Blog readers. It’s the year-by-year leader list for OAPBA since the league’s inception. Lotta reading, but it when you go over the list, it really reinforces how APBA can replicate the actual results from MLB.

By way of summary, OAPBA, based in the metropolitan Orlando area, is a FTF league, currently with a 78-game schedule, seven teams. The league has had as many as nine teams and the schedule has varied from 78 to 84 games annually, depending on the number of teams in the league.

Rod is correct.  You will see a good representation of MLB’s stats though a few names do stick out (Henry Cotto??).  But that is the beauty of APBA.  Even those players you wouldn’t expect to see on a league leaders list are up there when they had their career year (Jason Kendall, Jason Olerud).

You can see OAPBA’s entire yearly leaders document here

thanks Rod!

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Weird Card Wednesday: 1972 Bill Lee

bill lee 76

If there is one player that epitomizes the word “Weird”, that would be 70s pitcher Bill Lee.  Those familiar with Bill Lee know he was known for his wild shenanigans and off-the-wall quotes.  Reader Tom Zuppa agrees as he sent in this appropriate 1972 card of Lee’s.

In 1972 the last year pitchers could hit in the American League, Lee hit one triple, one homer and one single in 16 at-bats for the Red Sox. 

1972 Totals 47 16 16 3 3 0 1 1 1 0 7 .188 .188 .500
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/16/2014.


Lee’s card is a treasure.  He received two 1s and two 2s to go along with his 8-8-9-9 hit numbers.

Tom Z noted that APBA hadn’t given Lee his famous nickname “Spaceman” yet. 

SABR bio on Bill Lee

thanks Tom!

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 1982 Frank Taveras


With a lifetime batting average of .255 and a OBP of .301, Franklin Fabian Taveras was no All-Star when it came to leadoff men.  He literally never made the All-Star team which honestly surprised a little.  But he sufficed just fine for the Pittsburgh Pirates (and later the Mets) and even led the NL in stolen bases with 70 in 1970. 

This Frank Taveras card however, is from his last year in the majors in 1982 when he was with the Expos.  He batted .161 in 48 games and 87 at-bats.  He hit no homeruns that year but that wasn’t too surprising.  He hit just two in his 11-year career.  He did hit five doubles and a triple while stealing four bases. 

1982 Totals 48 23 98 87 9 14 5 1 0 4 4 7 6 .161 .221 .241
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/15/2014.


Taveras does get rated as a Fast SS-8 which does count for something.  His power numbers 6-6 will require him to power up with the bases loaded in order to hit that real-life triple. 

In addition to his 8-8-9-9, he has a 15-11.  He also was given a 45-14* to go along with two naked 14s. 

Ugly numbers:  25-39, 66-6, 35-13

Taveras did do something in 1982 that he hadn’t in his first ten years in the majors.  He played a position other than shortstop.  In 19 games, he played second base and was rated as a 2B-7. 

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Monster Card Monday: 2000 Keith McDonald


Today’s Monster Card was suggested by Steve, someone who knows something about power.  Steve won the 2014 APBA Convention Homerun Derby with the 1953 Ted Williams card.  Congrats, Steve!

Steve passes on this 2000 Keith McDonald card (as viewed by BBW).  McDonald was a short-lived catcher and pinch hitter for the St Louis Cardinals.  While he only had seven at-bats in his first year, he made the most of them.  All three of his hits were homeruns. 

2000 Totals 6 1 9 7 3 3 0 0 3 5 0 2 1 .429 .556 1.714
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/14/2014.


Keith gets a very normalized card for his three HR in 9 PA performance.  He does get power numbers 1-1-1-1-1-5 but strangely, he get singles numbers 8-8-9-9, too. 

Fun numbers:  55-1, 44-1, heck, 22-1 too.

McDonald only lasted one more year in the majors.  He does have the honor of retiring with a slugging percentage of 1.333 albeit with just 9 at-bats. 

Thanks Steve and congratulations again!

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