Bob Gordon’s 1979 postseason: Kison helps the Bucs with the bat and his arm in Game 3


Bob Gordon is in Game 3 of his riveting 1979 World Series replay.  -TN

Ok, Game 3 was supposed to be in Pittsburgh. I filled out the scoresheet (courtesy of Paul Dylan’s One for Five blog) with the O’s as the visitor and Pirates as home team in the scoring slots. The lineups, well the Bucs went in the visitor slot and the Orioles in the home slots. Then I started rolling. It was about the top of the 3rdbefore the announcer in my head (Pirate fans are going wild, wait the Bucs should be hitting in the bottom half.  Uh oh) noticed we were still in Baltimore somehow. Sadly, no adult beverages were involved. Just operator error. So game 6 – if needed – will be in Pittsburgh. (No really, I can’t make that mistake twice). For now, on with game 3 – In Baltimore

The Orioles couldn’t wait to take their cuts against Kison. Bruce was the first pitcher graded less than B they had seen. Kison had gone 5 innings in the LCS – and yielded no earned runs. Bruce got the best of the O’s over the first three innings. He retired 9 in a row, including striking out the side in the first. Martinez, fresh off his 2-0, 2.12 ERA LCS performance was on his game – retiring the first 6 he faced. Ed Ott led off the Bucco third with the first hit of the game. Garner singled to right field and Ott just beat Singleton’s throw in to third. Garner, hustling all the way, took second on the throw. O’s with the infield back – Earl thinking he can score off of Kison, but doesn’t want to give up a big inning. Martinez then struck out Kison and got the dangerous Omar Moreno on a pop up to short (Billy Smith playing there today in place of Kiko. Kiko woke up this morning with a weak bat…). Foli lined a fastball in to left center. Kelly, in center after his pinch homer in Game 2, cuts it off. Ott scores. Garner heading for home. Kelly’s throw is not in time. 2-0 Bucs and Foli at second on the throw home. Now Parker. The first pitch is drilled to left for an RBI single. Stargell coming to the plate. The pitch – taken for a strike by Stargell and Parker is heading for second. Skaggs’ throw is to the left field side of the bag and Parker is in scoring position. Stargell hits a rocket to Murray in short right. He flips to Martinez and the O’s come to the plate down by 3.

Pirate fourth: Milner skies to right. Madlock hits a bullet to left center. Off the wall and caroms away from Bumbry. Madlock in at third with a one out stand up triple. Earl keeps the infield back He’ll pitch to Ott rather than walking him to set up the DP. Ott hits a grounder to Dauer at second. Madlock running on contact will score and its 4-0 Pittsburgh. Bottom 4th and Kison is perfect so far. (oops). Pat Kelly rips that pitch to left center –base hit. Billy Smith grounds in to a 4-6 fielder’s choice and Singleton comes up. Kison fans him. Now Murray. Since we’re in Baltimore again, Walt has to put up with the Eddie chants again. And Murray responds with a drive past Stargell and in to the right field corner. He has an RBI double and the shutout is gone. Lowenstein hits a major league pop to Madlock and the O’s fourth is done.

Kison to lead off the 5th. Here’s a drive to right. Singleton going back…and it is over the wall in right. Home run Bruce Kison. Five runs in 3 innings for the Bucs – and Martinez is reduced to a Grade CZ. Martinez took care of the Buccos after that – yielding just a 2 out walk to Parker. Ayala grounds back to Kison for the first out in the home half. Kison kept his focus after his homer. Dauer singles to left center and up comes Skaggs. He grounded to short in the first. He must have practiced that play; here is another grounder to Foli. He hoovers it up, fires to Garner and on to Stargell. Double play.

Madlock reached on a Billy Smith error with one out. Ott singles him to third. Singleton’s throw cut off by Smith – Ott rounds first but stays there. Garner, 1-2 today with a run scored. Ground ball to Lowenstein, playing for DeCinces today. John makes the throw across the diamond and Kison will bat with 2 gone and 2 in scoring position. Big swing – pop up to short. Smith squeezes it and the inning is over. The O’s go in order in the 6th. Crowley hit for Martinez and fanned – no big hit for Terry today like his game tying PH double in Game 1.

Earl looks to Tippy Martinez to shut the Bucs offense down. The Bucs go in order in the 7th. Oriole 7th. They are starting to run out of time…. Singleton walks. Up comes Murray. Eddie with the only Oriole RBI today. He singles to right and Singleton is going to challenge Parker’s arm. The throw is wide of the bag and the O’s have 1st and 3rd no out. Lowenstein, with good power, 23 homers on the year. Kison is a little too careful and walks him – bases loaded, no out. Tie run to the plate. Ayala has bounced back to the box twice today. He was 4-4 in Game 2 with a double and homer. Tanner thinks Kison has his number…and Bruce fans him on 4 pitches. Dauer hits a fly to Milner in center. Fielding 1 (Moreno) against slow runner (Singleton); Skaggs due next, do you send him? It’s the world series, of course you do! And Singleton scores. Earl looks down the bench and sends Roenicke up to hit for Skaggs. He represents the tie run. He bounces right back to Kison. And we go to the 8th.

Martinez fans Stargell and gets Milner to line to center. (Stargell and Milner now both 0-4 today). Stoddard comes on and gets Madlock on a grounder to third. Kison faces pinch hitter Bumbry to start the 9th and retires him on a lazy fly to Parker. Two infield outs later, the O’s take the field. Bumbry goes to center and hits in the 9 slot, McGregor (Grade CZ) comes in to pitch and hits in Kelly’s lead off slot.

Bill Robinson hits for Kison (so that’s why he didn’t bat for Milner last inning…) with two gone in the 9th and walks. Moreno skies to Singleton and the O’s are down to their last outs. Tekulve (Grade B*YZ) gets three infield outs and the Bucs go home (no, really, this time they do go home) with a 2-1 lead. Game 4 pits Blyleven against Flanagan. They face each other in Game 1 and both came away without the decision.

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IAL: Persistence pays off for Christian Vazquez


The positive thing about pitting two last place teams against each other is that when they split a series, winning percentages go up across the board.  At least that’s how I’m choosing to look at my Thunderchickens opening series against Keith Smith and his Kentucky Kernels for the Illowa APBA League. 

Keith (brother of Don Smith, by the way) and I played his four home games tonight over Skype and we split 2-2. 

I’m giving some kudos to backup catcher Christian Vazquez who spelled Yan Gomes in Game 3.  Now Vaquez is a Catcher-8 but isn’t blessed with a lot of power.  He has a 66-6 and an 11-6… and that’s it for power.  Give him credit though.  He made the most of it.  In four at-bats, he hit four doubles.


Now someone with a less positive attitude might think, “Tom, you rolled two 66s and two 11s on a player and only got four freakin’ doubles!?”  Well, that wasn’t the biggest problem.  I blame the third base coach.  The worst part of the problem was that in each of Vazquez’ first two at-bats, there was a runner on base and he didn’t score.  Because Gordon Beckham is not fast and because there was less than two outs, Gordon had to hold up at third. 

Vazquez got his due, though.  In his third at-bat, there was a runner on first again…  Pablo Sandoval.  BUT, there were two outs.  When Christian hit his double, you can bet the third base coach was waving him around.  Sure enough, Kung Fu Panda chugged around third, huffing and puffing, and scored that run. 

In case you’re wondering, Christian Vazquez got another start in Game 4. 

Keith and I will resume our series next Tuesday to play my home games. 

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 1976 Ken Rudolph


Looking through my 1976 set, I ran across this Ken Rudolph card from the St Louis Cardinals.  It wasn’t till I looked up his stats did I realize why his name sounded so familiar.  He was the backup catcher for the Cubs between 1969-1973. 

Rockford, Illinois native Rudolph had his share of lean seasons and 1976 was no exception.  In 50 at-bats, he batted .160 with just three doubles.  He walked just once and struck out seven times. 

1976 Totals 27 51 50 1 8 3 0 0 5 0 1 7 .160 .176 .220
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 4/14/2015.


What really hurts Rudolph’s card is his lack of 14s.  He only gets one and he’s probably fortunate to get that. 

After his power numbers of 6-6 and hit numbers of 8-8-8-9-9, Rudolph is given a 25-36 and a 51-13.  He also has four 24s. 

Ugly numbers:  51-13, 25-36, 31-38

The 12 was at the 56 on the 1976 season set so any card that would have normally had a 56-34 had the 34 moved to 63. 

Ken Rudolph trivia:  He was one of the first players ever drafted.  He was drafted 26th overall in the second round in the 1965 draft, the first ever MLB rookie draft. 

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Monster Card Monday: 1921 Rogers Hornsby

21 Hornsby

As if Rogers Hornsby doesn’t have enough Monster Card nominations already.  He’s been written up for 1922, 1924 and 1929.

Rajah’s 1921 season is just as full of gaudy numbers.  For St Louis, he led in practically every offensive category except homeruns and steals.  That included 44 doubles, 126 rbis, 131 runs, and a .397 batting average.  He did hit 21 homers which back in 1921 was still a big deal especially in the NL. 


1922 Totals 154 704 623 141 250 46 14 42 152 17 65 50 .401 .459 .722
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 4/13/2015.


Wow, a 44-0, a 31-7 and a 61-9 for someone who plays every day.  Nice card! 

Rogers is pretty versatile here.  He plays five positions. In case you didn’t notice, Hornsby also has three 31s.

Fun numbers: 44-0m 31-7, 51-7, stop me there are too many!

I honestly can’t remember who suggested this.  ‘Fess up so I can give you credit! 

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Bob Gordon’s 1979 postseason: Pirates even series up

john candelariaBob Gordon’s 1979 postseason enters into Game 2 of the World Series. –TN

Baltimore hosts game 2 of the series after their extra inning 4-3 win yesterday. John Candelaria (Grade BZ) takes on the Birds Steve Stone (Grade C). The Pirates send out essentially the same line up – the left hand hitting Ed Ott takes Steve Nicosia’s spot behind the plate. The O’s have loaded their line up with rightys – Roenicke taking center for Bumbry (whose name I never type right the first time anyway) and Ayala playing left field.

Stone looks tough in the first. He strikes out Moreno, Parker and Stargell. Foli lit him up for a double to left center, but the O’s come up with no damage done. The O’s first is quiet as well. Singleton walks with two down, but Eddie – Eddie grounds back to Candelaria and we go to the second. After Robinson skies to Ayala in left, Madlock draws on base on balls. Ott drills Stone’s 0-1 pitch to left and Madlock slides into 3rd ahead of Ayala’s throw. (Benny can hit the long ball, but he is not so fleet of foot in the field…) Garner singles over Garcia’s head and in to left field for a 1-0 Bucco lead. Ott stops at second. Candelaria coming to the plate. In Game 2 of the LCS, he doubled in a run in an obvious bunt situation, so let’s see what Chuck has him do here. He bunts threw three fastballs and takes a seat on the bench. Four K’s for Stone. Moreno chops on to DeCinces who goes to Dauer at second for the force and the O’s come to bat looking for one run to tie it. Ayala drills one to deep right center. It is off the wall and Parker gets it back to the infield with Ayala chugging safely in to second. DeCinces pulls a ground ball to Madlock – checks the runner – to Stargell one out. Dauer – who has been clutch – but this time gets a pop up to short. Two out and Dempsey, then the pitcher. Chuck elects to pitch to Rick. And Dempsey lines a solid single to left. Robinson up with it. Ayala barreling (?) home – Ripken not pining his hopes on a Stone base hit. I remember Curt Gowdy saying that Willie McCovey runs well, he just spends too much time in the same space. But I digress. Robinson’s throw is in time, Ott with the tag and the Bucs dodge a bullet.

Bucs with momentum coming to the plate in the 3rd. Foli hits a roller down the 3rd base line. DeCinces gloves it and drops it before he can get the throw off. E5. Parker walks on four pitches and Ray Miller is out to talk to Stone. They settle on a restaurant for the evening and Stone faces Stargell. Willie hits one a mile high to Ayala and one down. Robinson rolls a grounder to short. Garcia to Dauer for one, over to first, not in time. Foli takes third. Now Madlock. Tripled in 3 AB yesterday, walked here in the second. Ground ball to Garcia, to Dauer at second – inning over. The O’s go in order (Candelaria stealing an 8 from Stone) in their half of the third. The Bucs make more noise in the fourth. Garner singles to Ayala in left with one out. He takes off for second and is in ahead of the throw. Candelaria around to bunt on the 0-1. The bunt is down the first base line. The O’s have the rotation play on. Murray throws to third – Scrap Iron Garner safe at third! Runners at the corners, just one out. Miller out to talk to Stone. I think he just told him they got a better table at the restaurant using Palmer’s name! Whatever he said, worked. Stone fanned Moreno and got Foli – who had doubled and reached on an error – to fly to Roenicke in center. O’s fourth: Singleton walks to lead it off. Now Murray, crowd chanting loudly. Ground ball towards right. Garner gets to it. Fires to Foli, one, over to Stargell, two! Now Ayala, he doubled in the second and drills a single over Foli for a two out baserunner. DeCinces grounds one to Garner. He flips to Foli covering at second and the O’s are done in the fourth. We go to the 5th, 1-0 Pirates.

Stone walks Parker to start the inning. Parker takes off for second and is in easily – two stolen bases in two innings for Pittsburgh. Perhaps they have Stone’s move down. Stargell with a chance for a RBI – foul pop, Dempsey tosses the mask off and one down in the inning. Now Robinson. Just 1-6 in this series after hitting 364 in the LCS. Robinson singles in to right field and the Cobra roars home 2-0 Pittsburgh. Now Madlock. Mad Dog nails a line drive Singleton’s way. That one drops in and Robinson is heading for third. Singleton’s throw – Garcia doesn’t cut it off – safe! Safe at third and Madlock hustles in to second. Up steps Ott. And Ed singles to left center for his second hit of the day. Roenicke over for it. Robinson scores. Madlock rounds third and is heading home. Roenicke’s throw is up the line. 4-0 Pirates and Ott is in at second on the throw home. Stone gets Garner to fly to left and Candelaria on another foul pop to Dempsey. After Dauer grounded to second, Dempsey grounded to Foli. Foli’s throw was in the dirt and Stargell couldn’t handle it. Tie run on first courtesy of Foli’s error. Lee May comes in to pinch hit for Stone. He bounces on to Candelaria who fires to Foli at second. Out at second, but May is at first on the fielder’s choice. Garcia pops to third and the O’s fail to close the gap. Weaver calls on Sammy Stewart to keep things close. Stewart (Grade CYW), was 2-1 with a 4.88 ERA out of the bullpen for Earl during the year. Moreno singles to left and is off on the first pitch. Safe! Three steals in as many innings. Stewart gets Foli to sky to left, and fans Parker. Up comes Stargell. Stewart elects to pitch to him and Stargell makes him pay. Willie singles over second and Moreno scores easily, 5-0 Pittsburgh. Robinson strikes out to end the 6th. The Orioles go quietly in their half. Candelaria gets a 1-2-3 inning with 2 K’s – he has 4 on the day and ahs allowed only 3 hits! Stewart gets the Bucs in order in the 7th. O’s 7th. They look refreshed after the stretch and John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. Ayala to the dish. 2-2 today, single, double (and two thirds of the O’s hits). Candelaria deals. There’s a drive – let’s see how far it goes…. That is long gone to right field and Ayala si trying to keep the Birds in this one by himself. They still trail 5-1. DeCinces fouls to Ott for the first out. Dauer walks bringing up Dempsey. Rick fans and Weaver goes to the bench for Crowley. Terry hit a huge 2R PH double yesterday in the 7thto tie the game up. He swings at the pitch and grounds to Madlock. Madlock throws to Garner for the last out of the inning.

Stanhouse takes the hill for the Orioles. John Milner will hit for Candelaria. Fine outing for John (Candelaria, that is), 1ER in 7 innings, 4 hits, 3 walks and 5 strikeouts. The Hammer rips one to right center. It one hops the wall and Milner cruises in to second with a leadoff double. Earl can be seen lighting his first of the inning. Full Pack faces Moreno – who singled and scored in his last at bat. Omar flies to the track in right. Milner tags and beats Singleton’s throw in to third. O’s move the infield in. Foli hits a grounder to Garcia. Kiko is coming home with it to nail Milner. Dempsey makes the tag, but the ball comes out of his mitt. The Hammer might have kicked it out. No matter – 6-1, Pittsburgh. Foli is safe at first on the Dempsey error. Parker flies to left for the second out and the O’s should have been out of the inning. Now Stargell. The pitch, a drive to right center and that is way out of here. 8-1 Pittsburgh courtesy of 3 unearned runs. The Bucs send Jackson (Grade B*) to start the 8th. He gets the first two batters and now Singleton. Ken pounds one to right for a two out single. Now Eddie and the O’s faithful have not given up. Eddie strides in to the pitch and delivers a base hit to right…Singleton takes third. Now Ayala, just a triple short of the cycle and 3-3. Benny drills his fourth hit of the day to right field and Murray races to third. 8-2 and DeCinces at the plate. Doug grounds to Garner who forces Ayala at second.

Tim Stoddard pitches the 9th for the O’s. He walks Garner with two out, but fans Lacy – pinch hitting for Jackson. The O’s need 6 to tie. And they face Kent Tekulve (Grade B*YZ). Dauer grounds to Foli for the first out. Lowenstein to bat for Dempsey. John hit 333 in the LCS and was 1-5 yesterday. He walks here and steals second. It could have gone as defensive indifference, but the official scorer always liked Lowenstein (and wanted to make up for all the years the guy was stuck in Cleveland.). Now Pat Kelly will bat for the pitcher. Tekulve’s pitch catches a bit too much of the plate. Moreno is on his horse, but runs out of room. Home run Kelly and its 6-4. Garcia to bat. Soft line drive to short. Foli leaping, base hit. Now Tanner out to talk to Tekulve. No one heating up in the Buc pen. Roenicke the batter, he hit 39 round trippers in the regular season and three in the LCS. Tekulve keeps the ball down in the zone and fans him. Now Singleton – representing the tie run. First chace to hit left handed today. Murray on deck. The pitch – a drive to right. It has a chance, Parker back, to the waalll, and make the catch. The series is all even at two. Game 3 will pit Dennis Martinez (Grade BZ) against Bruce Kison (Grade CYZ).

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Andy Bartel wins Twin City APBA Baseball Tournament-III with 1902 Pirates!


Congratulations to Andy Bartel and his 1902 Pirates for winning the Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament!  Jim Fraasch sent me all the details from this past weekend’s event.

First, here are the standings of the TCT-III that took place in Maple Grove, Minnesota:

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

SAM MELE DIVISION              W   L    R   OR RDIFF

1902 PIRATES (Andy Bartel)     6   2   43   32    11

1975 REDS (Jeff Boeding)       5   3   41   35     6

1957 BRAVES (Bruce Tyler)      5   3   32   27     5

1970 TWINS (Pat Martin)        3   5   29   38    -9

1927 PIRATES (Curt Bartel)     1   7   23   36   -13

                     TOTALS   20  20  168  168     0

TOM KELLY DIVISION             W   L    R   OR RDIFF

1919 WHITE SOX (Eric Berg)     6   2   39   27    12

1989 GIANTS (Rob Skogen)       5   3   33   31     2

1961 YANKEES (Kevin Cluff)     3   5   41   39     2

2009 YANKEES (Scott Egge)      3   5   29   34    -5

1968 TIGERS (Darrell Skogen)   3   5   24   35   -11

                     TOTALS   20  20  166  166     0


1982 BREWERS (Craig Christian) 6   2   37   27    10

1995 INDIANS (Leroy Arnoldi)   5   3   32   31     1

1930 ATHLETICS (Fred Johnson)  4   4   37   37     0

1930 CUBS (Jim Fraasch)        3   5   39   45    -6

1998 BRAVES (Gregg Nelson)     2   6   24   29    -5

                     TOTALS   20  20  169  169     0




**The 1919 White Sox (Eric Berg) win series, 2 games to 0 over the 1975 Reds (Jeff Boeding).

** The 1902 Pirates (Andy Bartel) win series, 2 games to 1 over the 1982 Brewers (Craig Christian).

The Championship:




1902 PIRATES 1, 1919 WHITE SOX 0


1902 PIRATES 4, 1919 WHITE SOX 3 (12 innings)

** Andy Bartel and the 1902 Pirates capture the TCABT-III Championship, 2 games to 0 over Eric Berg’s 1919 White Sox!!!



Jim has a very detailed wrapup with many cool photos, standings, stats, and stories.  It’s worth reading.  Don’t miss the story about Fred Johnson who rolled his first game since 1959!

The date for the next tournament TCT-IV, is already set.  Mark your date for October 3, 2015!!

Thanks to Jim and congrats again to Andy!!

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 2014 Leury Garcia


Steve Stein wonders, Why oh why haven’t I posted this 2014 Leury Garcia card yet?  Fair question.  It’s pretty awful.  Even for a White Sox hitter.  (I kid). 

Garcia had plenty of chances to prove himself with 145 at-bats but could only muster a .166 batting average with one homer.  He did steal 11 bases but he had ample opportunity with 17 pinch running appearances.  Six GIDP probably didn’t help his cause either. 

73 32 155 145 13 24 3 0 1 6 11 5 48 .166 .192 .207
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 4/7/2015.


If this card wasn’t so bad, it might qualify for a Weird Card.  Look at all the asterisks!  I count 26 with 25 in the second column. 

But yes, look that 55-40.  Ugh.  Leury can only manage an 11-8 and it goes downhill from there with two 8s and two 9s.  With his 11 steals, APBA was forced to give him an 11 and a 10.  If they gave him any more speed numbers, his card would hit too well.  As such, it should hit around .175. 

Ugly numbers:  11-8, 55-40, 31-13

If this card wasn’t bad enough, Garcia has four 24s to make matters worse. 

Now Steve Stein has an interest in all this.  Garcia was going to start a fair amount games for his Transcontinental Baseball League team until he made a last minute deal.  Crisis averted!  

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Monster Card Monday: 1938 Hal Kelleher


Joe Liss posted this Hal Kelleher card from 1938 on Facebook.  It’s a fun one. 

As a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Kelleher simply went 1 for 2 with one strikeout. 

1938 Totals 6 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .500 .500 .500
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 4/6/2015.


Any card with a 13-9 is a Monster in my book, power or no.  Hal Kelleher has a total of ten 7s on his card.  Here are his hit numbers. 


Kelleher’s error number was moved to 62 to accommodate his 53-9.  He also received a rare 36-23 which I don’t think I’ve seen before. 

Fun numbers: 13-9, 53-9, 31-7

In case you’re wondering, Hal Kelleher deserved the DYW.  He gave up 15 runs in 7 1/3 innings pitched in 1938.  That perhaps not coincidentally, was his last year in baseball. 

thanks, Joe!

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Mike Bunch’s 1963 replay: Who should be the AL MVP and Cy Young?


Two days ago, I posted about Mike Bunch finishing his 1963 replay and posted the National League leaderboards.  If you haven’t chimed in on who should get the MVP and Cy Young, feel free to check it out and let him know.

Now Mike wants your help with the American League too.  The standings are above and the leaderboards.  Who should get AL MVP and Cy Young?

A little about Mike’s 1960s replay project… Mike says he’s done a full replay of the 1967 and 1968 season.  He then started over with 1960 using the actual boxscore lineups and rotations.  So far, he has completed 1960, 1961, 1962 and of course 1963.

The 1963 replay was done with the original APBA set.  The others were reprints.  All in all, a pretty impressive project.

And now, the leaderboards for Mike’s 1963 replay.

1963     American          League
Player AVG Tm Player SLG Tm Player OBP Tm
Kaline, A. .322 DET Killebrew, H. .617 MIN Yastrezemski, C. .417 BOS
Yastrezemski, C. .321 BOS Allison, B. .593 MIN Pearson, A. .405 LAA
Pearson, A. .319 LAA Hall, J. .527 MIN Allison, B. .398 MIN
Hershberger, N. .315 CWS Colavito, R. .513 DET Hershberger, N. .381 CWS
Rollins, R. .311 MIN Hinton, C. .502 WAS Cash, N. .380 DET
Wagner, L. .295 LAA Howard, E. .500 NYY Tresh, T. .378 NYY
Alvis, M. .294 CLE Kaline, A. .498 DET Kaline, A. .376 DET
Robinson, F. .291 CWS Tresh, T. .489 NYY Colavito, R. .375 DET
Power, V. .291 MIN Stuart, D. .485 BOS Robinson, F. .374 CWS
Hinton, C. .290 WAS Brandt, J. .483 BAL Hinton, C. .362 WAS
Player Runs Tm Player Hits Tm Player 2B Tm
Allison, B. 116 MIN Pearson, A. 186 LAA Torres, F. 43 LAA
Kaline, A. 98 DET Yastrezemski, C. 184 BOS Power, V. 41 MIN
Pearson, A. 98 LAA Alvis, M. 182 CLE Causey, W. 41 KCA
Colavito, R. 98 DET Kaline, A. 178 DET Francona, T. 41 CLE
Yastrezemski, C. 95 BOS Versalles, Z. 175 MIN Yastrezemski, C. 40 BOS
Hinton, C. 95 WAS Ward, P. 171 CWS Versalles, Z. 39 MIN
Tresh, T. 95 NYY Colavito, R. 169 DET Kubek, T. 35 NYY
Killebrew, H. 95 MIN Aparicio, L. 166 BAL Schilling, C. 34 BOS
Versalles, Z. 93 MIN Rollins, R. 165 MIN Lumpe, J. 33 KCA
Cash, N. 91 DET Hinton, C. 165 WAS Hershberger, N. 32 CWS
Player 3B Tm Player HR Tm Player RBI Tm
Versalles, Z. 14 MIN Killebrew, H. 57 MIN Killebrew, H. 126 MIN
Fregosi, J. 14 LAA Allison, B. 43 MIN Stuart, D. 115 BOS
Hinton, C. 13 WAS Hall, J. 41 MIN Colavito, R. 111 DET
Ward, P. 11 CWS Stuart, D. 38 BOS Kaline, A. 102 DET
Geiger, G. 11 BOS Colavito, R. 30 DET Alvis, M. 98 CLE
Cimoli, G. 11 KCA Tresh, T. 30 NYY Ward, P. 97 CWS
Colavito, R. 10 DET King, J. 29 WAS Cash, N. 94 DET
McAuliffe, D. 10 DET Lock, D. 28 WAS Hall, J. 94 MIN
Bruton, B. 10 DET Cash, N. 27 DET Nicholson, D. 91 CWS
Aparicio, L. 9 BAL Whitefield, F. 27 CLE Tresh, T. 90 NYY
Player BB Tm Player SO Tm Player SB Tm
Allison, B. 104 MIN Lock, D. 147 WAS Aparicio, L. 47 BAL
Yastrezemski, C. 98 BOS Stuart, D. 145 BOS Pearson, A. 31 LAA
Colavito, R. 92 DET Nicholson, D. 142 CWS Hinton, C. 26 WAS
Tresh, T. 91 NYY Clinton, L. 133 BOS Tartabull, J. 18 KCA
Pearson, A. 86 LAA Allison, B. 121 MIN Wood, J. 17 DET
Cash, N. 85 DET Brandt, J. 103 BAL Snyder, R. 17 BAL
Gentile, J. 85 BAL Hall, J. 103 MIN McCraw, T. 15 CWS
McAuliffe, D. 78 DET Held, W. 103 CLE Weis, A. 12 CWS
Robinson, F. 74 CWS Alvis, M. 102 CLE Ward, P. 10 CWS
Battey, E. 72 MIN Powell, B. 102 BAL Allison, B. 10 MIN
Player HBP Tm Player ERA Tm Player W Tm
Dees, C. 13 LAA Stigman, D. 1.98 MIN Peters, G. 21 CWS
Wagner, L. 9 LAA Ramos, P. 2.19 CLE Bouton, J. 21 NYY
Thomas, L. 9 LAA Pascual, C. 2.25 MIN Pascual, C. 20 MIN
Cash, N. 8 DET Pizarro, J. 2.26 CWS Monbouquette, B. 20 BOS
Jimenez, M. 7 KCA Peters, G. 2.37 CWS Ford, W. 20 NYY
Tresh, T. 7 NYY Downing, A. 2.41 NYY Bunning, J. 20 DET
Held, W. 7 CLE Terry, R. 2.49 NYY Stigman, D. 19 MIN
Green, G. (1/2) 7 CLE Roberts, R. 2.50 BAL Roberts, R. 19 BAL
Hershberger, N. 6 CWS Pappas, M. 2.53 BAL Pizarro, J. 17 CWS
Snyder, R. 6 BAL Stange, L. 2.57 MIN Terry, R. 17 NYY
Player SO Tm Player SV Tm Player SHO Tm
Pascual, C. 197 MIN Dailey, B. 28 MIN Pascual, C. 7 MIN
Bunning, J. 195 DET Miller, S. 27 BAL Peters, G. 7 CWS
Stigman, D. 192 MIN Radatz, D. 25 BOS Stigman, D. 5 MIN
Ford, W. 183 NYY Fowler, A. 20 LAA Pizarro, J. 5 CWS
Peters, G. 180 CWS Reniff, H. 20 NYY Pappas, M. 5 BAL
Bouton, J. 168 NYY Kline, R. 16 WAS Ford, W. 5 NYY
McBride, K. 168 LAA Fox, T. 14 DET Roberts, R. 4 BAL
Chance, D. 163 LAA Brosnan, J. (2/2) 12 CWS Barber, S. 4 BAL
Monbouquette, B. 162 BOS Wilhelm, H. 11 CWS Wilson, E. 4 BOS
Aguirre, H. 155 DET Bell, G. 11 CLE Grant, M. 4 CLE

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Bob Gordon’s 1979 postseason: DeCinces plays big role in World Series opener


Bob Gordon is in World Series mode now taking the 1979 Pirates and Orioles to the big time!  – Tom

We are in Baltimore, the Charm City, for Game 1 of the 1979 World Series. (OK, so I looked it up. Baltimore tried to change its image by adopting a new nickname created by local ad execs. Voila – Charm City. The year was 1975. The same year I moved to the Baltimore suburbs – sheer coincidence, I’m sure. I’ve been accused of lots of things;charm and ace recapper do not number amongst those things.) The series will be played without the DH. The O’s will miss that extra big bat in their lineup. They boast a deeper bench than the Bucs.

The Bucs have a deeper bullpen, though. If O’s starters can work into the 7th, they can negate that advantage. The Lumber Company is coming in hot. They hit .308 with 6 homers against an Astro staff that was very good. The Birds hit a pretty fair .277 and clubbed 9 homers. Orioles pitching was on a roll in the LCS – working to a 2.75 ERA. The Bucs were a surprising 4.11 with John Candelaria coming in at 7.14! Flanagan (Grade BYZ) and Blyleven Grade (BY) are ready (and I’ll bet you are too…get on with it already.)

Omar Moreno leads off and picks up right where he left off. He was 9-18 in the LCS with 4 steals. And he starts today with a single to right and a stolen base. Flanagan gets Foli on a fly to Bumbry and K’s Parker. Up comes LCS MVP Stargell. He drives that one to deep center. The fleet footed Bumbry is back, back…track, wall and that one ain’t coming back. 2-0 Bucs and the O’s fans don’t even have their National Bo’s opened. Robinson grounds back to the box to end the inning. Now all Blyleven has to do is hold the O’s down. Garcia ends an 0-11 streak with a one out single in the first. Bert is unphased. He gets Singleton to sky to center and Murray is out, Foli to Garner.

Flanagan retires the Bucs in order in the second and third (stealing three eights along the way.) Bottom 3 and Dempsey singles over short and the O’s have their second runner of the day. Flanagan attempts to move him over, but Stargell fields the bunt and fires to Foli to catch Dempsey at second. Bumbry and Garcia both go down swinging and this game is moving right along.

Robinson gets a 2 out single in the Bucco 4th, but Flanagan gets Madlock to ground to his opposite number, DeCinces, who fires to Dauer to end the inning. The O’s turn at the dish….Singleton tops one to Madlock. Over to Stargell, one down. Up comes Eddie. (I can almost hear the chants – OK, we caught Walt not chanting, but since he is rooting for the Bucs, I guess we can let it go). Eddie swings at a hanging curve and that one is not coming back. 2-1 Bucs as Murray’s drive lands in the seats in right. (About 70 feet from where my wife and I sat for “thanks, Earl, day” a few years later). Lowenstein now. Weak grounder to Garner, two out. DeCinces flies to Moreno in center (stolen 8) and we are even after 4.

Buc 5th. Nicosia loses an 8 to Flanagan, sixth putout for Bumbry already. Garner singles in to left field and its Blyleven’s turn to sacrifice. His bunt hangs in there long enough for Dempsey to get under it, but not long enough for Garner to get back to first. The double play ends the Pirate 5th. The O’s go peacefully in the home half of the 5th and the Pirates make another run (excuse the pun – now I know why that’s a basketball play by play term..) at Flanagan in the 6th. After two are out, Parker sends one to the gap in right center. On comes Stargell, struck out and flown out today. Flanagan nibbles at the outside corner, but is too fine and loses him. Two on, two out. Robinson at the plate. Big swing…he tops it. Flanagan fields it cleanly and throw to Murray. The Orioles ring the top of the order in their half. Bumbry skies to Parker and Garcia rolls one to Garner. Garner kicks it – and Garcia is on. E-4. Singleton the batter, hitting right handed. Line drive to right. Garcia got a great jump….base hit and O’s with first and third, one out. Murray to the plate. Fly ball, short right, Parker (OF-3) charging and Garcia bluffs but holds third. Lowenstein’s turn. He’s grounded to Garner twice in as many at bats. This time, Bert’s curve is too much for John and he strikes out – the 4th of the day for Blyleven.

Madlock leads off the 7th. In my replay, he was with the Bucs all year. His 3B-4 and speed (40 steals, 8th in the league) made the Bucs a much better replay team. He gets things rolling hear with a triple to left center – his first hit of the postseason. Bill was 0-13 against Houston and was 0-2 today. Nicosia brought him home with a sac fly to Lowenstein, and that was all the Pirates could muster. But they lead 3-1 and need 9 outs. DeCinces is the first of those 9 grounding out to Stargell unassisted. Dauer to the plate. He played well in the ALCS, hitting .357. During the regular season, he hit .294 with 8 HR, so Blyleven needs to stay focused, here. (Too much foreshadowing?) Rich drills one that goes to the wall in right center and ends up standing on second. Dempsey draws a walk and Weaver has a decision to make – bunt with Flanagan or pinch hit and go to the pen. (No truth to the rumor he decided to have another beer…) Earl sends designated pinch hitter Terry Crowley to the plate. The Crow does not disappoint the Bird faithful – he slugs a game tying double in to left center. No bullpen action for the Bucs. Tanner didn’t expect this from 7,8 and 9 in the order. Bumbry chops on back to the box. Crowley holds and Bert fires to first for out number two. Pat Kelly comes off the bench to hit for Garcia. Blyleven fans him on three pitches, but we are tied at 3. Belanger takes short in the top half of the 8th and bats 2nd.

Tippy Martinez is the new pitcher. Tippy retires the side in order – fanning Parker to end the frame. The O’s don’t fare any better in their half. They go in order with strike outs by Murray and DeCinces. Blyleven now has 7 K’s, and 18 in 17 innings of postseason ball. Stargell starts the 9th against Tippy. Lefty on lefty. Tippy wins this battle, striking out Willie. Now Earl goes to the pen for Stanhouse (Grade B*W). Tanner stays with the right hand hitting Robinson – and Robinson grounds harmlessly to 3rd. Madlock now with 2 out and Pirate faithful hoping for 2 out lightning. He draws a walk off Stanhouse and Nicosia comes up. I think Chuck was blinded by Steve’s surprising performance on the year – hitting .309 with 30 doubles in 220 AB. That 22-0 looked good, too. Stanhouse fans him and the Orioles need one for the win… Blyleven takes the hill in the 9th. He gets DeCinces to ground to short. Dauer singles past a leaping Tim Foli and Memorial stadium comes to its feet. Dempsey hits a fly to short left and Robinson records the second putout of the inning. Benny Ayala out of the dugout to face Blyleven. Stoddard is in the O’s pen – just in case. Benny takes ball four. That run means nothing and Ayala has good power. Bumbry is 0-4 and standing in for the 5th time. Blyleven loses him on five pitches and is obviously tired. He is due to bat 2nd in the 10th. Tanner heads for the home plate umpire. Looks like a double switch. Enrique Romo (Grade B*XZ) will be the pitcher, with 2 gone and the bases juiced. He’ll bat 7th. Ed Ott will bat 9th and catch. A new Pirate battery. Belanger steps in…Billy Smith was hoping for the AB, but Earl plays a hunch. (First roll is PRN 14, a ball with Romo, but the game winner if Blyleven stayed on.) Belanger bounces back to Romo and we get some free baseball!

Stoddard retires the Bucs in order – fanning Ed Ott in the process. Romo back to work in the home half of the 10th. Singleton goes the other way and is on at first with a single. A 2-5 day for Ken to this point. The chants are deafening as Murray steps in. Ground ball towards the hole – Garner over. Pivots and fires to Foli, one. To Stargell, double play. Lowenstein, now. Grounded out twice, struck out twice. Base hit over short. The O’s have life. Now DeCinces. Line drive – past Stargell. Parker racing over – he was playing Doug to pull – he picks it up and fires it back to the Garner but Lowenstein was on his horse and scores the game winner. DeCinces with a walk off double in Game 1 of the Series. Stoddard the win and Romo the loss. 3-6-1 for the Pirates and 4-10-0 for the Orioles. These teams go back at it tomorrow with John Candelaria taking on Steve Stone.

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