Rod’s Replay Insider: Regulating pitcher usage during a replay

253px-Timothy_KeefeGenerally speaking baseball has evolved through three different periods on pitcher usage, centering around starting pitchers.

Prior to 1900, starting pitchers usually pitched with one or two games rest, e.g. Hoss Radbourn, Pud Galvin, Tim Keefe and other 19th century greats.

From around 1900 to the early ‘60s, starters worked mostly with three games rest.

Starting around the early ‘60s, the onset of relievers began and has since evolved to the extensive use of relievers that are categorized into long, middle, set-up and closer categories.

Detailed information on starts, games appeared, etc. are easily available on baseball-reference.com and the myriad of baseball encyclopedias that have been published.

I generally adhere to limiting starting pitchers to their actual number of starts (varying possibly by a start or two to make up for starters who were not issued cards) and the same for relievers.

You may have to use your imagination for teams that precede baseball in the 21st century. That’s because starters sometimes relieved. As a general rule, I try and limit the games appeared, starts, and relief appearances to their actual number in real life (or, if not a full-season replay, a pro-rated number of appearances).

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IAL’s City Boys, Trout take Country Gents 5-1

2016 ialallstar-1913

It’s Wednesday and I still haven’t done a write-up on the Illowa APBA League All-Star Game last weekend.  Time management issues happen when the Cubs get to the playoffs. 

IAL managers all arrived at the Downers Grove Comfort Inn last Friday.  Chuck Lucas was nice enough to give me a ride from the Metra train station.  For his trouble, he was given a Ruben Sierra autographed ball as promised. 

2016 ialallstar-1926

Friendly banter between ASG managers

There were nine of us who attended the weekend including newbie Scott Fennessy.  My buddy John Brandeberry couldn’t make the trip from Montana.  In addition to playing the All-Star Game and annual league meeting, we each played regular season intersquad series games.  We got started early Friday afternoon.

Well, most of us did.  I had the bye so I sat then.  I made the most of it by playing my Boys of Summer APBA League week’s games against Shawn Baier’s Traverse City Panthers on my laptop while I waited.  Going into the series, I had a five game lead in the NL East. The Panthers took advantage of my depleted bullpen and took 4 of 6.  I hoped that I would better luck against my IAL opponents. 

Don Smith was up first on my schedule.  It was probably the most interesting series I’ve played in a while (and not in a good way).  After three games, Don’s Molly Putts Marauders and my Twin City Thunderchickens scored five runs, TOTAL.  Don’s dice picked up and he started scoring runs.  I did not.  I plated a grand total of six runs in six games against Molly.  Fortunately, Joe Kelly managed a 1-0 shutout to preserve one win for the T-chix. 

2016 ialallstar-1921

Don Smith makes a point at the league meeting

Things got better for us as we split 3-3 against relative newcomer Dan Bunch who took over for the Iowa Oinkers (we’re preserving the name till the new season for records’ purposes).  Then it was everyone’s favorite time of the weekend.  LEAGUE MEETING!!

Despite Brando not making it to Chicago, we established a video Skype connection with him over my phone and he was able to participate… even more when the camera wasn’t pointed at the ceiling (sorry, John!).  I won’t bore you with league meeting details.  We rarely vote in favor of anything anyway. 

2016 ialallstar-1938

Dan Bunch rolls during the ASG.  Can you spot Brando on the phone at the far end?

After the league meeting and with Brando still with us over Skype, we had our All-Star Game.  It was the City Boys (primarily Chicago guys) vs. the Country Gents (the downstate and out of state guys).  It’s not a steep rivalry but we have fun with it.  Last year, the Country Gents won in a comeback style

This year, behind the brains of substitute manager Rob Moore, the City Boys got their revenge in a nice even victory.  MVP Mike Trout was the big hero with a two-run homer in the fifth to seal the win.  Mookie Betts also went 2 for 5 with an rbi and run.  The four-run 5th inning was all the City Boys needed to win 5-1. 

Congrats to Rob! 

2016 ialallstar-1943

The cards went back to their original teams and we all got back to rolling the bones for our own teams after the high-fiving and congratulating was finished.  They say you shouldn’t make your boss mad but I was playing my commissioner, Mike Bunch and wow, he just couldn’t roll.  Jung Ho Kang had a good series and before I knew it, my Thunderchickens had swept his Green Rock Bombers 6-0. 

Last up came the Marcus Bunch and his Moline Upperdeckers. I was hoping to capitalize after my series sweep but we just couldn’t get it going.  We could only muster two wins in the six game series. 

So, counting my series against Brando played earlier, we went 16-14.  I don’t think we’re in last place any more. 

Further thoughts

This was Scott’s first official weekend as a manager in the IAL but he’s attended plenty of others as a guest.  I haven’t talked to him since the weekend but it seems like he had a great time.  He’ll be a great fit in our league.  Welcome Scott!

By Saturday night, most teams had finished their games and since the Cubs were playing in Game 1 of the NLCS, we all headed to a sports bar to watch them beat the Bums.  I was sitting next to Rob Moore who has Miguel Montero on his team.  Always nice to see your player do well even it’s in the playoffs. 

More photos from the weekend here.

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Mike Bunch’s annual card predictions

ial2010allstar-012A couple days ago, I posted about Steve’s Card Computer which among other things, gives us a glimpse into the 2016 APBA cards.  Mike Bunch, our commissioner in the Illowa APBA League, has been predicting APBA for years as well and he’s gotten pretty good at it.  He’s at it again and has just sent me more predictions for hitters and pitchers. 

Keep in mind, these predictions are for Illowa APBA League players only.  You can see Mike’s predictions here

If Mike is right, I’m liking how my Thunderchickens’ pitching staff is looking next year. 

  • Roark, T. A (Y)
  • Hellickson, J. B (Y) (Z)
  • Liriano, F. C (X) (W)
  • Strasburg, S. B (K)
  • Niese, J. D (C*) (Y)
  • Rodriguez, E. C (Y)
  • McCullers, L. B (K) (W)
  • Kelly, J. D (C*) (X) (Y) (W)
  • Familia, J. A* (X) (W)
  • Siegrist, K. A* (X) (W)
  • Ross, R. B* (X) (W)
  • Putnam, Z. A* (X) (W)

Time will tell.  For now, the Illowa League still needs to finish the 2016 season.  Tomorrow starts our annual All-Star weekend

thanks, Mike!

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Scott Fennessy: Kyle Hendricks holds off Reds for another Cubs victory

600745971_RVa_CHC_181Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL
April 14, 2015

The Cubs look to continue their winning ways after Jon Lester’s gem yesterday as young Kyle Hendricks takes the mound against Raisel Iglesias of Cincinnati.

The Reds get off to a good start as Skip Schumaker hits a one out single to right and was still there with two out when Joey Votto Crushes a 2-2 pitch into the hitting background in center for a towering two run homer. Eugenio Suarez draws a walk but is stranded there as the inning ends with the Reds up 2-0.

Dexter Fowler works Iglesias for a tough 8 pitch walk but is eliminated shortly afterwards as Starlin Castro pops up to catcher Brayan Pena for one out and then Anthony Rizzo hits a hard smash right at Brandon Phillips at second for an easy 4-6-3 double play to end the inning with the score still 2-0 after one inning.

Hendricks is a little sharper and the Reds go down quietly with no hits. Iglesias was suddenly red hot and strikes out the side with little effort and we go to the top of the third with the Reds still on top 2-0.

Hendricks gets another quick inning and the Cubs reward him in the bottom half of the frame as Austin Jackson hits a single just past Todd Frazier at third to start the inning. Addison Russell sits on a fastball for a booming double off the wall for an RBI double. Hendricks, not exactly noted for his hitting prowess hits a bloop single to center and Russell scores to tie the game.

After the pitching coach makes a quick trip to the mound Fowler draws another walk to put runners on first and second and Castro hits a liner into the right center field gap for a double that scores two, and suddenly the Cubs are on the verge of breaking this game wide open. Rizzo whiffs on a high fastball for the first out. Kris Bryant strokes a single to left that scores Castro and the Reds bullpen is up for the first time today.

Miguel Montero hits a single to left and runners are on first and second again. Chris Coughlin and Jackson ground out to end the inning, but the Cubs take the lead 5-2 at the end of three.

Hendricks continues to roll, getting another 1-2-3 inning and the Cubs come to bat in the bottom of the inning. Russell hits a shot up the middle for his second hit of the day. Hendricks strikes out, but things get interesting when Fowler walks yet again. Unfortunately Castro hits a one hop smash that Iglesias snags more in self-defense than on purpose, first off to the shortstop Suarez who turns the double play to end the threat.

Frazier hits a line shot to left, but Starlin Castro makes a great leaping grab for the out. Considering he is in his first season at second he has looked really good so far. Hendricks gets Pena to ground out and Iglesias is lifted for pinch hitter Ramon Cabrera. Cabrera hits a single to left but is stranded after Billy Hamilton flies out to right and the score is still 5-2 Cubs.

Collin Balester comes in and is greeted by Anthony Rizzo, who rips a double into the right field corner. Bryant walks and Montero hits a single to left that loads the bases. Coughlin draws a walk that forces in Rizzo for an easy RBI.

Things are looking bad for Balester until Jackson hits a bullet right at Brandon Phillips who was playing pretty close to the bag, and it’s a race to second and unfortunately Bryant is doubled up and suddenly there are two outs with runners on the corners. Russell, who had been struggling coming into the game gets his third hit of the day and this drives in another un and the score is 7-2 Chicago as the inning ends on Hendricks ground out.

Hendricks is still in a groove as he gets the first two hitters and Votto gets his second hit of the day. Votto is off with the pitch but Montero throws a bullet that nips him on a close play and the Reds lose an opportunity to get back into the game.

Dexter Fowler draws a walk to lead off the inning, and that is the fourth straight time today. If you get a golden sombrero for 4 strikeouts, what do you get for 4 walks, the golden pass? Unfortunately nothing comes of it, as Balester has started to settle in and gets the next three hitters and the score is still 7-2 Cubs on top.

Suarez hits a single to left and the Reds have a chance again. Phillips bunts him to second with the power hitting Frazier coming to the plate. Unfortunately he strikes out and Pena flies out to Coughlin in right to end the inning.

Montero strikes out to start the inning, but the Cubs continue to press as Coughlin walks, and Jackson gets his second hit of the day and runners are on first and second as the Reds bullpen gets up again. Manager Joe Maddon elects to keep Hendricks in the game and he manages a walk to load the bases, but Dexter Fowler finally gets a pitch to hit and he his one to deep center field, but Hamilton chases it down at the warning track to end the rally, and the inning with the Cubs still leading 7-2.

Kyle Hendricks is having a great day today, and he rewards his manager’s confidence by getting a 1-2-3 inning, and striking out two of the batters. Nate Adcock takes over after Balester was removed for a pinch hitter. He gets through the inning with only a single by Bryant, but allowed no runs.

Hendricks is allowed to try and go the distance, and the bullpen is forced into action for the first time today after Jay Bruce hits a fly ball deep to right for a homer. He gets the next two hitters, but Phillips draws a walk, but Frazier hits a grounder to Castro at second and the throw to first is in time and the Cubs win 7-3.

Kyle Hendricks gets his first win of the season and the Cubs improve to 6-1 for the season. Dexter Fowler drew four walks, and while he is still struggling so far at just a .107 average he has a .242 OBP. Miguel Montero got two more hits and he is hitting a team leading .391 in the early going.

Around the horn

Jason Kipnis of the Indians was the star of the day as the Indians pounded the White Sox 10-5, and he saw his average climb to .357.

Jonathan Schoop of the Orioles continues to surprise, he is hitting .300 with five dingers so far.

I have dubbed Jose Altuve of the Astros “instant offense”. He is hitting .406 with a .625 slugging percentage and an awesome 1.025 OPS. This is all despite the fact he has not hit a homer yet.

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City Boys looking for revenge against Country Gents at this weekend’s IAL All-Star Game

This weekend will be the 42nd annual Illowa APBA League All-Star Game.  IAL managers will gather in Downers Grove, Illinois on Friday to play some APBA and have some fun.  On Saturday, the All-Star Game game will take place. 

IMG_1322-001 dons

The City Boys Division, skippered by Chuck Lucas (above left), will be looking for some revenge after losing a heartbreaking comeback game to the Country Gents in 2015.  The Gents’ veteran manager Don Smith (right) has plenty of tricks under his sleeve though.  He’s looking for a repeat. 

After the ballots were counted, there were five unanimous selections.  Firstbaseman Anthony Rizzo, secondbaseman Robinson Cano of the City Boys and firstbaseman Joey Votto, shortstop Carlos Correa and outfielder Bryce Harper were all given #1 votes by all ten managers of the IAL. 

Here’s the ballot press release from commissioner Mike Bunch: 

First for the Visiting “City Boys”  managed by Chuck Lucas

Catcher:               Martin, R. (44), Gomes, Y. (23), Castillo, W. (19)

Firstbase:             Rizzo, A. (50), Encarnacion, E. (30), Goldschmidt, P. (10)

Secondbase:       Cano, R. (50), Kipnis, J. (30), Kendrick, H. (10)

Thirdbase:           Arenado, N. (46), Bryant, K. (28), Beltre, A. (16)

Shortstop:           Bogaerts, X., (48), Andrus, E. (22), Lindor, F. (20)

Outfield:              Upton, J., (48), Betts, M. (46), Trout, M.(46)     

                          Braun, R. (30), Martinez, J. (25), Peralta, D. (24), McCutchen, A. (18), Hamilton, B. (13), Yelich, C. (12)

For the Home “Country Gents” managed by Don Smith

Catcher:               Posey, B. (46). Realmuto, J. (34), Molina, Y. (10)

Firstbase:             Votto, J. (50), Abreu, J. (23), Freeman, F. (8)

Secondbase:       Altuve, J. (48), Walker, N. (21), Wong, K. (16)

Thirdbase:           Machado, M. (46), Moustakas, M. (22), Longoria, E. (13)

Shortstop:           Correa, C. (50), Tulowitzki, T. (26), Semien, M. (8)

Outfield:              Harper, B. (50), Cespedes, Y, (42), Beltran, C. (36)

                              Stanton, G. (34), Jones, Ad. (29), Fowler, D. (27), Kemp, M. (10), Blackmon, C. (9), Eaton, A. (9)

Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

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Steve’s APBA Card Computer finds a new home

Hey everyone,

I know a lot of you are big fans of Steve’s APBA Card Computer so you will want to know that it has a new home.  You can now find it at this address:



For those who haven’t used it, Steve’s APBA Card Computer is the baby of Steve Stein.  Steve is a programmer as well as a manager in the Transcontinental Baseball League. His Card Computer is a quick way to get an idea of what an APBA card should look like.  Steve has populated his database with MLB stats from 1950-2016. 

If there is a player from before that you want to check, you can enter in the stats yourself.  Steve readily admits that this NOT a replacement for the official APBA product.  This is rather a testing ground and a predicting tool.  With the 2016 stats entered, I know I’ve been using it a lot to see how my players on my Illowa APBA League (that’s my boy Kris Bryant up there) and Boys of Summer League teams are looking for next year.  Good for scouting trade and draft prospects too!! 

Thanks Steve for a great resource!! 

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IAL seeing some personnel changes for upcoming All-Star weekend

With the Illowa APBA League 2016 All-Star weekend coming up next weekend, you might need a program to keep track of the managers.  The IAL has been going through some personnel changes lately.  In short, we have two new managers in our league. 

danbDan Bunch

This is actually Dan’s second IAL weekend.  He took over the Iowa Oinkers at the IAL Spring weekend.  However, Dan is certainly not new to APBA or the IAL.  He is the son of commissioner Mike Bunch.  The love of APBA must be a requirement for the men in the Bunch family (brother Marcus is also in the league).  Dan has some IAL coaching experience already as he’s helped co-manage Missoula Rattlesnakes with John Brandeberry.  No doubt, he his happy to get his own team which he has named the Colona Hustlers.  Don’t let the name fool you, Dan is awesome guy and we’re all excited to have him on board. 

IMG_2427-001Scott Fennessy

Most of you probably know who Scott is.  Not only does Scott have his own column here on The APBA Blog but some of you will know him as a regular attendee of the Chicagoland Tournaments.  In fact, Scott won the second Chicagoland Tournament championship in 2013.  That was his first tourney and the first time I met him in person.  Scott has been attending IAL functions as a “friend of the league” since then.  His involvement has been invaluable as he has filled in for the occasional absentee manager.  When another position opened up, the league extended an offer.  We’re really looking forward to many years with Scott and his new team, the Des Plaines Dragons!

A quick goodbye

I would like to acknowledge Nick Tegeler and Todd Ventresca who have both left our league.  Both men remain friends of our organization but just did not have time in their schedules to play.  We remain in contact with them and wish them the best in the future. 

Both Nick and Todd have been long time friends of our league.  Nick was a commissioner of the now defunct Midwest League which shared a few of the same managers as the Illowa APBA League.  In fact, Nick even convinced me to join the Midwest League (a move which lasted for about two years).  After many years, when there was an opening, we welcomed Nick to the fold.

toddvIt was a little hard to see Todd go.  See, I brought Todd into the league in the early 1990s when I was commissioner of the league.  I still remember the interview I conducted with him over the phone.  It was obviously a good choice as Todd lasted over 20 years. As an umpire of organized baseball, he brought a unique perspective to our discussion of baseball.  He even stayed in the league for several years after he moved to Pittsburgh changing his team name from the Aurora Gamblers to the Three Rivers Gamblers.  The traveling understandably just got too much and we’ll miss him. 

thanks and good luck, Nick and Todd!

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How can I download 2016 MLB stats for use in Excel?


Now that the Major League Baseball season is over, some of you may want to have a copy of the stats on your computer to view, sort and filter. 

Most of us are fine with browsing the nicely formatted web pages at Baseball Reference, MLB.com or ESPN.com.   However, if you’re a stat geek, a replayer, or a league commissioner, you’ll want a spreadsheet in front of you so you can filter, sort and manipulate the data.  I’ve already seen some websites that have advertised they have them the 2016 MLB stats available for download.  However, not all may include every stat that you may want. 

Here’s one solution:

  • csv4Go to Baseball Reference’s 2016 MLB Standard Batting page
  • Scroll down to the player roster and click “Export” (see top photo).  A file named leagues_NL_2016-standard-pitching_players_standard_batting.csv will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Using Excel, open this file.  Since it is a comma-delimited text file, it will ask you how it is delimited.  Make sure to choose “Delimited” and “Comma” (see right) and it will format the columns correctly. 
  • Save it as an Excel document.  This will allow advanced formatting and give you the ability to sort and filter. 
  • Repeat the same process with the 2016 MLB Standard Pitching page.  This file will be named “leagues_NL_2016-standard-pitching_players_standard_pitching.csv.

One caveat

hideThis feature will only those players who are qualifiers by default.  If you want to export every player, you need to uncheck the box next to “Hide non-qualifiers for rate stats” (see left).

In all, the process takes just a few minutes.  There are plenty of tables of data at Baseball Reference that allow you to Export the data so that you can you can use it. 

Unfortunately, the transactions data cannot be exported but can be copied and pasted into an Excel worksheet and with a little massaging, it be usable. 

I hope this helps someone!

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Scott Fennessy: Cubs edge Reds in classic pitching duel

jon lesterWrigley Field
Chicago, IL

A weary and somewhat down team arrived in Chicago after two straight extra-inning games followed by a devastating blowout against their ace left them wondering if a slump was about to begin.

Their opponents today are the Cincinnati Reds, a struggling ball club that has plenty of hitting, a frighteningly speedy leadoff hitter, and almost no starting pitching. This one figures to be interesting.

The Reds send Homer Bailey (I always find it kind of a bad idea to be a pitcher named “Homer”) to face Jon Lester, who went the distance in his last start. It’s 7:05, so let’s play ball.

Lester looks great as he gets three fly outs on just 12 pitches and the Cubs come to bat in the bottom of the first. Starlin Castro, who has been hitting the ball well so far gets a one out single to right but is stranded as the inning comes to a close with no score.

Lester has to work a bit harder in the second as Eugenio Suarez, Cincy’s hottest hitter in the season so far draws a walk with one out but Brandon Phillips and Todd Frazier fly out to end the inning. The wind is blowing in from right field today, so Jon can play with fire a bit today so far.

Miguel Montero leads off the second with a single to center and moves to second with one out, but Bailey continues to look better than his DRZ rating as he gets Chris Coghlan to pop up to Frazier at third and Addison Russell to fly out to shallow right to end the inning with no score.

Bailey hits a fly to center with one out in the top of the third that Dexter Fowler either loses in the sun, or did not adjust for the wind, which has picked up a bit since game time and boots this for an error.

Billy Hamilton tries to bunt him over, but it goes right back to Lester. Unfortunately Castro’s relay throw to Anthony Rizzo is rushed and pulls him off the bag for a fielder’s choice and two outs. Lester of course is now famously noted for his lack of a pick off move and Hamilton steals second easily but Skip Schumaker whiffs to end the inning and it is still no score as we go to the bottom of the third.

The Cubs finally get some hitting as Castro hits a double off the access door in left field and scores shortly afterwards on Rizzo’s single to right to give them their first run of the day. Kris Bryant flies out to end the inning and it is 1-0 Cubs.

Lester has to overcome the Cubs defense, which has been somewhat poor to start the season as Joey Votto is on first after a walk Castro boots a routine grounder for an error that puts runners on first and second. Brandon Phillips bunts the runners to second and third with slugger Todd Frazier at bat, but Lester burns him with breaking stuff for the inning ending strikeout, his fourth of the day and despite the struggles still has a no hitter after four innings.

Bailey continues to baffle the Cubs with a quick 1-2-3 inning and the Reds come to bat in the fifth inning. Lester gets his fifth strikeout and three more outs and still has a no hitter and the Cubs cling to a one run lead as they come to bat in the bottom of the inning.

Things start off promising, as Addison Russell, who is struggling at a .235 average hits a sharp single to left for a single, and is still there with one out, but Fowler hits a grounder to short for the force, but beats the relay throw, but Castro flies to right, and this carries a bit deeper than any fly today as the wind has slowed considerably for the third out and we still have a 1-0 game with Chicago leading after five innings of play.

Lester is actually beginning to look better as the evening moves on and he has now retired seven in a row, punctuated by a strikeout of Votto to end the inning, and the no hitter continues.

Homer Bailey is really having a great night as he gets the Cubs in order in the sixth and it’s lucky for the visitors that he is as Jon Lester strikes out Phillips and Frazier to end the seventh inning and the Reds are still looking for their first hit of the night and trail the Cubs 1-0 as we go to the bottom half of the inning.

Chris Coghlan slips a single just out of the reach of Phillips into right for a single, but Austin Jackson hits a one hop smash right at Votto, who turns a 3-4-3 double play and the inning, is over, and still just a 1-0 game.

Lester gets Brayan Pena to strike out to open the eighth inning and Homer Bailey, who pitched a heck of a game tonight, is called back as Ramon Cabrera pinch hits. He hits a soft fly ball to Fowler in center for out number two. Hamilton draws a walk and again steals second but is stranded there as the inning comes to an end, and the Cubs still lead 1-0.

J.J. Hoover comes in and looks great as he strikes out Lester and gets a couple of ground outs and the Reds get one last chance at this game trailing 1-0 as we reach the top of the ninth.

So Jon Lester takes the mound in the top of the ninth seeking his first career no hitter. Unfortunately the drama ends rather quickly as Jay Bruce hits one just over Russell’s leaping attempt for a clean single to left.

Bruce steals second and moved to third on Votto’s grounder to second. Suarez crushes one to deep center field and Fowler chases it down near the warning track for out number two, but Bruce scores and suddenly after being shut down all night the Reds have tied the game!  Phillips also flies to deep center to end the inning and suddenly the Cubs have to start all over again.

And start again they do. Anthony Rizzo slams Hoover’s first pitch fastball into the right field stands for a game winning home run!

So the Cubs win a game that was more like one of my dead ball era games than a 21st century game. Lester picks up his second complete game victory and Rizzo goes 2-4 with both RBI’s for the Cubs. Starlin Castro also had two hits and is now hitting .360 for the season.

Around the horn

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 6-2. Kershaw strikes out 11 hitters for the second straight time this year.

Garrett Richards of the Angels tossed a three hit shutout of the Rangers

Nolan Arenado continues his torrid hitting. After destroying the Cubs the other night he follows this up with five for five night, which included his 4th homer in two games and two doubles and had 8 straight extra base hits as the Rockies pounded the Giants 11-3

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League Profile: International Simulation Baseball Association

apbalogo1Bob Botelho sends the APBA Blog info on his APBA league, the

International Simulation Baseball Association. 

The ISBA is an APBA Baseball for Windows league that been around since 2010.

Info on the ISBA:

League Name

International Simulation Baseball Association

Contact Person

Bob Botelho

Sport Baseball
# of teams 12
Year of inception 2010
Basic/Master/Computer/ Combination Computer
Geographic location North America


More details from Bob: 

12-team 40-player keeper draft league w/ 30-player weekly active roster. Annual 5-round open draft; 2-round Waiver Draft; and 1-round Prospect Draft. Rosters are based on previous year MLB season.

Thanks to Bob for passing on the info! 

If anyone is interested in finding out more, leave a comment and I’ll make sure he sees it. If you want to brag about your league, we’re listening!  Tell us all about the league you are in and we’ll post a profile about it. 

In the meantime, read about other leagues who have written in.

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