Chuck Lucas finishes his 1959 A.L. replay

chuck lAfter many years, my friend Chuck Lucas has finished his 1959 AL replay! 

I posted a teaser about this on Facebook and the big question was “Did the Sox win it all”?  Well, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’!  With three 20-game winners, the White Sox won it by an astonishing 21 games over the Detroit Tigers. 

  September 30 1959 FINAL      
  American League Wins Losses PCT GB
1 Chicago White Sox 109 45 .708  
2 Detroit Tigers 88 66 .571 21   
3 Cleveland Indians 74 80 .481 35   
4 New York Yankees 74 80 .481 35   
5 Boston Red Sox 72 82 .468 37   
6 Kansas City A’s 72 82 .468 37   
7 Baltimore Orioles 69 85 .448 40   
8 Washington Senators 58 96 .377 51   


Here’s Chuck’s recap on his replay:

1959 AL in the Books… Chi -Sox await National League Winner

Well, after 8 years and an estimated 45-50 thousand dice rolls, the 1959 American League race is finally over. After aborted attempts in my APBA Season Replay Career of completing the ’69 National League (400 games played), the ’67 American League (400 games played), the ’49 American League (a paltry 200 games played) and even the American League 1959 American League once before back in ’75 with the original ’59 set, when I should have been studying more but that’s another story, I finally know what it feels like to finish a season. It’s been fun, relaxing and interesting!

Once I finally lay down the ’59 dice for good (I still have the last two weeks of the National league plus the World Series to roll/play it will be like saying goodbye to an old friend. I’m giving no time table for finishing these things but I think I will finish these in the next two or three months but who knows?

Let’s see with something like 2400-2500 days passed from my life over the past 8 years and only approximately 1200 games rolled for ’59 only comes out to a 1 game every couple of days. The completion occurred at a veritable snails’ pace for sure compared to others on this and other blogs I know. The pace was comfortable for me it did allow me to stay connected to my wonderful family, three great kids and a wonderful wife. In addition to working full time, I’m also in a 162 substantially face to face league, coach(ed) basketball play Rotisserie league ball and the obligatory fantasy football.

I hand it to those on this blog and others who are able to roll a full season, keep stats, keep a steady job and family, maybe work out once in awhile, read, attend church follow your favorite sport teams and engage in other normal social behaviors and still have time to write about APBA- that’s awesome dedication! My postings are relatively few as you might notice but I’m in the background rolling away when I can. The Chicago White Sox stormed out to a huge lead and were never challenged.

April 9-7

½ game lead

May 31 30-14

  5 game lead

June 30 52-20

  11 game lead

July 31st 72-27

13 ½ game lead

August 31 94-35

  17 ½ games

Final 109- 45

21 games

The Sox were led by three astounding performances from their pitching staff:

  • Early Wynn 22-5 3.16 (Actual 22-10 3.16) Spot on the ERA!
  • Billy Pierce 21-3 2.65 (Actual 14-15 3.62)
  • Bob Shaw 20-4 1.59 7 Shutouts (18-6 2.69)

Here are some selected stats from Chuck’s ‘59 AL replay.  You can see all of his 1959 AL replay stats in this pdf.

Player AVG Tm   Player HR Tm
Kuenn .365 DET   Lemon, J. 36 WAS
Fox, N. .320 CWS   Killebrew 34 WAS
Runnels .311 BOS   Held, W. 32 CLE
Minoso .291 CLE   Colavito 31 CLE
Aparicio, L. .291 CWS   Maxwell, C. 29 DET
Bolling .286 Det   Triandos, G. 27 BAL
Lollar .281 CWS   Nieman 26 BAL
Woodling .278 BAL   Smith, Al 26 CWS
Power, V. .271 CLE   Bolling 25 DET
Cerv .268 KCA        
Player RBI Tm   Player SB Tm
Colavito 110 CLE   Aparicio, L. 75 CWS
Malzone, F. 97 BOS   Landis, J. 21 CWS
Smith, Al 97 CWS   Mantle, M. 17 NYY
Maxwell 90 DET   Jensen 17 BOS
Lemon 90 WAS   Buddin 14 BOS
Lollar, S. 84 CWS   Tuttle 13 DET
Fox 83 CWS   Fox 11 CWS
Kaline 83 DET   Alison 11 WAS
Francona, T. 80 CLE   Kuenn 9 DET
Jensen 80 BOS        
Player ERA Tm   Player W Tm
Shaw, B. 1.59 CWS   Wynn 22 CWS
Wilhelm, H. 2.16 BAL   Pierce, B. 21 CWS
Mossi 2.35 DET   Shaw, B. 20 CWS
Herbert, R. 2.46 KCA   Lary, F. 19 DET
Pascual, C. 2.49 WAS   Bunning 19 DET
Perry 2.63 CLE   Foytack 18 DET
Pierce, B. 2.65 CWS   Wilhelm 18 BAL
Ford 2.68 NYY   Mossi 16 DET
Ditmar 2.82 NYY   Daley 16 KCA
Garver 2.92 KCA   Ford 16 NYY
Bunning 2.92 DET        



Congrats, Chuck!  Well done!  Touch base with us when you finish the NL!

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 1966 Johnny Herrnstein

65 Johnny Herrnstein

This week’s Terrible Card comes from the 1966 reprint set.  It’s Johnny Herrnstein who I mentioned in an article last year when I began my ‘66 NL replay. 

Herrnstein batted 48 times and managed 8 singles for a .178 batting average with three walks.  He drove home two runs and scored five times.  He also struck out 22 times.  

1966 Totals 30 5 48 45 5 8 0 0 0 2 0 3 22 .178 .229 .178
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 2/25/2014.


For his .178 average, Herrnstein received hit numbers 7-7-8-8-8-9-9 giving him a 25-40 and a 51-13. 

Ugly numbers:  66-7, 25-40, 51-13

The interesting thing about Herrnstein is that the Phillies started him out in the fifth spot in the lineup.  Being 28 years old and showing a little promise two years prior, the Phils thought he might be a prospect in the making.  It take long before the Phils traded him to the Cubs so they could learn this lesson for themselves. 

Herrnstein ended up playing most of the rest of his games as pinch hitter that year.  He was even traded to the Braves before the year was up.  After 1966, he no longer played the game of baseball. 

A side note: Herrnstein had a Big Ten connection.  His father and grandfather played for the University of Michigan football team.  Herrnstein was a star fullback and linebacker from 1956-58 and eventually became captain of the team.  Johnny also played baseball for the Wolverines. 

Finally, his son also played football… for the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Family get-togethers must have been fun.

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1905 Chicago Cubs replay update: Weimer shuts down Reds as Cubs complete double header sweep

Joe_Tinker_NYWTSby Scott Fennessy

Cincinnati, OH

The Cubs are going for a critical sweep as a victory would give them a 1 game lead over the idle Giants. They are then off for a couple of days while the Giants have three games with the lowly Dodgers. It won’t be an easy task however, as the Reds send “Long Bob” Ewing against Jake Weimer of the Cubs. These two have met twice before and have split the two meetings. That said, had Cincinnati provided any hitting in the first meeting Ewing would have won both.

As expected both pitchers look strong and the score was still 0-0 in the 4th when Frank Chance slices an off-speed pitch into the corner and pulls in with a stand up triple, his 11th of the year for the MVP candidate. Art Hofman then hits a fly ball to deep center field. It looked initially like it may clear the wall, but Fritz Odwell makes a fine catch just short of the warning track and can only watch as Chance tags and scores. Johnny Evers draws a walk, but is stranded as the inning ends 1-0 Cubs.

I am still enjoying a great pitcher’s duel as the Cubs come to bat in the 6th inning. Frank Schulte gets his first hit of the day with a floater just over Al Bridwell at third. Chance then sends the runner and he hits a single into the gap between Miller Huggins and Joe Kelley and runners are on the corners. Chance then steals second, which I thought may actually help Ewing initially as the next few hitters have only recently started to produce. I looked like I was right as Hofman and Evers both pop up, but then Joe Tinker (pictured above) than hits a one hop scorcher that eats Tommy Corcoran up at short, and both runners score to give the Cubs a 3-0 lead. It could be all they need as Weimer is pitching a gem right now. John O’Neill grounds to Ewing as the inning ends. Meanwhile the Reds continue to do nothing at the plate.

Ewing returns to form over the next two innings and we come to the ninth inning and the Reds defense hurts Bob yet again. Evers hits a ball that bounces off of Kelley’s glove at first and before Huggins can get to it he’s on board. Then a sign that the tide may be turning for Tinker for a long stretch comes as the rarest of rare feats for me occurs. Tinker gets 4 straight rolls with a 14. Ewing has a Z rating so Tinker really had to work him for this; and it pays off as O’Neill moves the runners to second and third on a ground out and Weimer himself delivers the final blow with a sac fly to right field. Jake gets another scoreless inning in the bottom of the ninth for the win.

The Reds fought hard, but just did not provide much help with the sticks for poor Bob Ewing who just becomes another victim for the Tornado. Ewing allowed just four hits, but the Cubs moved the runners over with a combination of steals and bunting, and in the end the errors by Kelley and Corcoran were the difference.

For the visitors it was a return to more recent form as the hitters did just enough damage to allow Weimer to grind out the win. Chance had another three hit game, including his 11th triple and 65th stolen base. Combine that with his 5 home runs, .346 average, 65 walks (contributing greatly to his .440 OBP) and you can see why he will be a major competitor for the MVP award. The only down side to those walks is that he will just barely get enough at bats to qualify for the batting title, although I doubt anyone catches Mike Donlin and his .374 mark. Frank Schulte now has a 7 game hitting streak, which ties him with Johnny Kling and Chance for the longest on the team this season. Weimer picks up his 31st victory of the year on his mind boggling 12th shutout of the year. That’s more shutouts than any pitcher in today’s era has complete games!

[photo credit]

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One draft done, one draft to go

Shawn BaierWell with a lot of work and some frustration, the Boys of Summer APBA Online League is almost there!  We’ve finished our draft yesterday.  I won’t rehash our issues with the APBA Online drafting mechanism.  You can read about it here.  I will say that our managers in this league have pressed forward and found a way when it seemed there wasn’t one.  Under less than optimal circumstances, we’ve drafted 45 players for 16 teams.

A lot of credit for this goes to Shawn Baier (pictured) who has bugged us, prodded us and encouraged us till we finally got the job done.  I’m not sure if he knew what he knew what he was getting into when he brought this league into existence.   Starting any league is a tough enough task but to do it with a very new product like APBA Online is bordering on groundbreaking.  Thanks Shawn!

For those wondering, here is a screen cap of my team at the moment (who knows? I may make a trade.)  Note:  The BoS is using the 2012 season for their first year of existence.


…and the pitchers.


By my count, I have seven players who are on my Twin City Thunderchickens from the Illowa APBA League, and two former players not to mention a son of a former player (Mitch Moreland, son of Keith).  Go with what you’re comfortable with, I say.

Those screen shots are from BBW’s Advanced Draft, by the way.  I’m slowly becoming familiar with how things are done in the APBA’s Baseball for Windows world, thanks in part to my fellow managers in the Boys of Summer league, especially Shawn Baier and Stray Corrado.

IAL Drafts this Weekend!

IAL All-Star GameDraft one is down but I have another coming up this weekend.  The Illowa APBA League (10-team, basic) is holding its draft and will be starting its 40th season this weekend.  Plans are in place and we are meeting in our usual place in the Chicago area for our annual postseason, draft, league meeting and our inter-division round of games to start the 2014 season.

Unlike the BoS, the IAL’s draft is a rookie draft.  It is a continuous ownership league and we draft rookies to replace those players that retired or otherwise didn’t get a card.  I should note that there is a twist.  The IAL has voted to expand our rosters from 26 players to 30 over a period of two years.  This year, we’re adding two extra picks.  While that sounds fantastic, we’re also stipulating that every APBA card is eligible to be used.  Previously, players under 125 at-bats could be dropped in favor of a rookie draft pick.

In a lot of ways, the BoS and the IAL are very different leagues.  The IAL uses dice and cards, play face-to-face, and has been around for 40 years.  The Boys of Summer league is brand new, uses BBW and with any luck will play APBA Online.

I’m looking forward to both leagues this year.  It will definitely be two different experiences.

Correction made:  Mitch is not Keith’s son.  Thought I had heard that before.  Thanks, Richard!

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Monster Card Monday: 1972 Rollie Fingers

rollie fingers

Admittedly 1972 wasn’t Rollie Fingers’ highest pitcher’s grade but he did something right at the plate.  Maybe a couple things. 

Fingers’ accomplishment is amazing in that he got in 20 plate appearances solely as a reliever in 1972.  That he batted .316 with a homer is that much more exciting.  Note that he only struck out only three times. 

1972 Totals 65 20 19 2 6 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 .316 .316 .474
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 2/24/2014.

The mustachioed relief ace gets a pretty nice hitting card for his efforts.  Not only does he get two 1s but some nice hit numbers too.  His total line:  1-1-7-7-7-7-8-8-8-8-9-9. 

Rollie also gets the usual 21, 23 and 36 doled out to pitchers but you won’t find any 14s on his card.  He has a 45-36. 

Fun numbers:  11-1, 15-7, 61-9

Fingers wasn’t a bad hitter at all before the debut of the designated hitter.  In the three years previous, he collected a total of 22 hits and two homers.

Regarding his BXYZ pitcher’s grade, it may seem a little strict considering he had a stingy 2.51 ERA.  He also had 11 wins, by the way.  My guess was that league adjustments were in effect.  The AL ERA was 3.06 so the requirement for an A grade was significantly lower. 

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Mixing dice and draft

Tomorrow will be an “APBA” day.  First, I’m going to my buddy Brando’s house to play some dice APBA.  More than likely, I’ll help him with his 1930 replay.  Brando tells me he’s through August in the AL/NL effort. 

I thought about us playing some of my own 1966 NL replay but I’ll have other things to be concerned about.  Why?  At the same time, I’ll be finishing up the draft in Shawn Baier’s Boys of Summer APBA League’s which we will be conducting online.  I’m all set with spreadsheets with available players and draft orders and such.  Between picks, I think Brando and I should be able to roll a couple times. 

If that’s not enough, I’ll be watching the University of Illinois baseball team’s progress via GameTracker.  They’re playing down in South Carolina and will be playing about the same time the BoS draft starts. 

No-hitter alert

Speaking of Brando’s 1930 replay, he emailed me to let me know that Wes Farrell is making news again.  He’s pitched his second no-hitter in his replay.

Says Brando:

“Wes Ferrell pitches his second no-hitter of the season against the St Louis Browns.  In the first end of a double header Ferrell walked 4 ko’d 5 for his 26th victory and 6th shutout of the year.  Cleveland gave him 16 runs in support against Dick Coffman a ‘D’ plain.”

If memory serves, Farrell is one of two A starters in the 1930 AL.  Lefty Grove is the other. 

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Keep Calm and Roll Sixty Sixes mug and stickers now for sale!

Keep Calm and roll 66s mugThey made an appearance at the Chicagoland World Series APBA Tournament.  They’ve been featured in Doug Schuyler’s Facebook posts.  Now you can have one too! 

Yes, I’m talking about the Keep Calm and Roll Sixty Sixes mug.  Through Zazzle.com, I had a few made just for fun and it seems several people are wanting to buy them so I’m making them available for sale.  Not only that, they also come in a coffee travel mug and beer stein style. 

As far as I know, only a few of these actually exist right now.  Doug Schuyler and Jim Saska both received one as thanks for their hard work organizing the Chicagoland APBA Tournament.  I also gave one to Clark Eichman as a second place prize after the tournament.  

beersteinThis isn’t meant to be a real money maker for me so I am trying to keep the price down on the mug as much as possible.  I’m just doing this because it’s fun and it seems that there are people who want one.  That said, the few cents of profit I make per purchase will help pay for hosting costs of The APBA Blog etc. 

Hint:  Zazzle does have promotional discount codes occasionally so keep an eye out for them at the top of the page. 

I’m also selling a set of stickers with the same logo which might be more affordable for those who don’t want to fork over the money for the mug. 

So go ahead, buy a mug.  Buy two!  Give one as a gift for your league commissioner!  Here is the link to the store where you can order the mug or stickers. 

Update:  I just added a mousepad too!

thanks all!

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Do I feel a draft? MWBL picking players on Saturday

2014draftKeep an eye tomorrow (Feb. 22) for Stray Corrado’s Mid-West Baseball League draft.  It will be online and you can watch the progress at the MWBL draft page

Stray tells me that the draft runs pretty smoothly.  Using their own written web-based software, they will record the draft online.  Starting at 9:46am and ending at 6:46pm, the league will pick 336 players.  That’s two minutes for each pick with a 1/2 hour for lunch.  Stray says his wife acts as Draft Coordinator and “keeps us all in line with draft times”.  

I’ve known this for a while but the MWBL is a pretty serious league with managers who really know their baseball.  They’re not just picking big leaguers but picking uncarded players as well.  You have to be on top of the baseball scene to be in the MWBL.  Stray says that reaching down into college and high school is common.  One rule though… uncarded picks have to make it to the majors by 2017. 

Good luck to all the managers in the Mid-West Baseball League.  May your draft go as well as your season! 

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Terribles vs. Monsters Poll: Vote for the Terribles shortstop!

As with the poll for Terribles secondbaseman, there are some stinkers here with the shortstops.  Not just with the bat but with the glove as well.  Only 1968 Oyler shows some talent in the field. 

Also similar to the secondbasemen poll for the Terribles, the nominees hover around the late 60s to late 90s. 

More info here on my project, by the way. 

Terribles Team nominee for Shortstop

APBA card breakdown

1968 Ray Oyler SS-9, 0-0-8-8-9-9, three 14s
1978 Mike Fischlin SS-6, 0-8-8-9-9, two 14s
1986 Kevin Elster SS-7, 6-7-8-8-8-9-9, three 14s
1999 Cristian Guzman SS-7, 0-0-7-8-8-8-9-9, two 14s


The purists out there will be happy to see at least a few players who put in a significant amount of playing time in their respective season. 

Who should start at short for the Terribles?


The Results are in for second base:  1965 Joe Morgan takes the Terribles secondbaseman starting role with probably one of more closer votes.  He wins with 41% of the vote. 

As for the Monsters Secondbase vote, the winner is well, Rogers Hornsby.  His 1922 card garnered 48% of the vote.  Not only that, his 1924 card came in second place with 26%.  That didn’t leave much left for 1901 Lajoie, 1977 Carew and 1984 Sandberg. 

Here are the winners and the poll results!

Terribles Secondbaseman

1964 Joe Morgan

Monsters Secondbaseman

1922 Rogers Hornsby

image image

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1905 Chicago Cubs replay update: Cubs win in thrilling game 1 in Cincy

Wildfire_Schulte (1)by Scott Fennessy

Cincinnati, OH

The Cubs face the Reds in a “must win” situation. Although they are tied with the Giants, they have two more games played than their New York rivals. That however will be reduced to one as the Cubs schedule has them off for the next three days due to schedule adjusting. Today’s game sees Mordecai Brown against Charles Harper. Harper is making his first start of the year and being a D pitcher has seen limited action, but has always given the Cubs fits through his career.

Neither team does much in the first, but the Cubs strike first as Johnny Evers hits a ball to Miller Huggins at second, and he boots it for the error. Frank Chance sends the runner and Joe Tinker, who is in his best run of the season rips a fly to deep center field. This one’s over Fritz Odwell’s head and bounces off the wall! Evers comes in to score the first run of the day and the Cubs take the early lead. Harper settles down to keep the score 1-0.

Brown and Harper both look good early and the score is unchanged until the bottom of the 4th when Jimmy Sebring rips a single up the box that just evades a hard charging Tinker. Jimmy got off to a tough start, and really had under produced, but has his numbers more in line with what I was hoping for. Joe Kelley, the player that has really been valuable of late hits a single to right center and Sebring cruises into third standing. Kelley takes advantage of O’Neill’s less than stellar throwing arm with just his 6th steal of the season and runners are now on second and third with just one out. Fortunately for Brown the lower part of the lineup is pretty harmless, and after Tommy Corcoran’s sac fly to left scores Sebring to tie the game Ed Phelps and Harper go quickly to end the threat.

Once again pitching takes control until the Cubs and the red hot Frank Schulte (pictured above) hits a triple right, and he is now boasting a 6 game hitting streak, and has added about 7 points to his average during this run. A fly ball to deep right field looked like it may tail foul, but stayed in play allowing Schulte to score the lead run. Considering how strong the pitching has been this could be big. Hofman and Evers get back to back hits, but the defense held and the score was still 2-1 as the bottom of the third ended with a scoreless Cincinnati inning.

The Reds strike suddenly as the normally solid bruin defense slips up. Jim Casey botches a throw allowing Tommy Corcoran to reach and move to second on a ground out. Miller Huggins, who has really looked weak at the plate this season hits a frozen rope to center and Corcoran scores to tie the game. Huggins steals second easily and Brown hurls a mistake fastball that Harper crushes into the corner for an RBI triple and the Reds are suddenly on top late. Brown gets the final out, but now the home team leads 2-1 at the end of 7.

Fortunately for the Cubs, the bats have really been booming lately and Schulte gets his third straight hit and moves to second with one out when Art Hofman rips a single under the diving Huggins at second and Schulte scores just ahead of Jim Seymour’s throw to tie the game again. Harper gets two quick outs and the inning ends 3-3. Brown does his job in the 8th and on to the ninth we go.

The Reds get two very quick outs, but Maloney gets his second single of the afternoon and steals second. Casey atones for his earlier error by floating a single just over Corcoran’s reach and Maloney rounds third. The throw from Sebring is a good one, but Maloney is safe, just ahead of the tag. Schulte grounds out to end the inning and now Brown goes to the hill in the ninth to get the win and he does with a perfect 1-2-3 inning.

The Reds looked good in this one, and did everything except win the ball game. The bottom of the lineup pulled its weight late and Harper’s surprise start was solid. For the Cubs Schulte continues to rake, and while Hofman, Maloney and Tinker are still struggling overall, have looked better over the last 3-4 days.

[photo credit]

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