Divisions set for 1st Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament!


According to Rich Zawadzki, registration is closed and the divisions are now official for the 1st Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Basic Tournament.  The tourney will take place on March 7th in Jackson, Michigan. 

Here’s his announcement:



It’s going to be a fun day (Saturday, March 7, 2015) of enjoying the game that many of us have loved since we were children with others who share that love.

The format will be…

8 divisions (Each named after well respected players throughout the eras) of 4 teams, playing 6 round robin games against 3 divisional opponents (3 home – 3 away).

Then the Elite Eight division winners will be seeded play down (1 game playoffs) to the…

Final Four

Terrific Two

Hail to Chief (Champion)

The 32 teams (and managers) are as follows…

Cy Young Bracket (16 Teams)

Honus Wagner Division

1. 1962 San Francisco Giants
(Wendell Watkins)

2. 1954 New York Giants
(Ron Emch)

3. 1917 Chicago White Sox
(Shawn Baier)

4. 1968 Detroit Tigers
(Steve Steinhardt)

Lou Gehrig Division

1. 1990 Cincinnati Reds
(Chris Short)

2. 1985 St. Louis Cardinals
(Robert Mosher)

3. 1998 Atlanta Braves
(Allen Shock)

4. 1906 Chicago Cubs
(Mark Hanisch)

Stan Musial Division

1. 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers
(David Watkins)

2. 2006 Minnesota Twins
(Eric Berg)

3. 1976 Philadelphia Phillies
(Ian Kabel)

4. 2006 Detroit Tigers
(Christopher Baier)

Sandy Koufax Division

1. 1970 Minnesota Twins
(Ken Schulz)

2. 1998 New York Yankees
(G.F. Korreck)

3. 1977 Chicago White Sox
(Greg Tews)

4. 1915 Boston Red Sox
(Jeremy Kelley)

The Cal Ripken Bracket (16 Teams)

Nolan Ryan Division

1. 1927 New York Yankees
(Brian Wells)

2. 2011 Detroit Tigers
(Jack Beckman)

3. 1961 Detroit Tigers
(Bill Lilley)

4. 1969 Baltimore Orioles
(Charles William Modzinski)

Tony Gwynn Division

1. 1902 Pittsburg Pirates
(Aaron Radlinski)

2. 1988 Oakland A’s
(Bob McCurdy)

3. 1984 Detroit Tigers
(Thomas Tucholski)

4. 1931 Philadelphia A’s
(Pastor Rich Zawadzki)

Greg Maddux Division

1. 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers
(Dave Palladini)

2. 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers
(Doug Schuylerhuyler)

3. 1934 Detroit Tigers
(Randy Egan)

4. 2009 St. Louis Cardinals
(Darren Schulz)

Mariano Rivera Division

1. 1937 New York Yankees
(John Roels)

2. 2014 Washington Nationals
(Tucker McBride)

3. 1908 Detroit Tigers
(Richard Butler)

4. 1980 Cleveland Indians
(Mel Wegman)

Thirty-two teams!  That’s an amazing turnout!  All the credit for that lays squarely on Pastor Rich who has been pushing this for the last few months. 

Sadly, I won’t be there.  Seeing this roster of formidable APBA managers makes me wish I was.  There are some really good people participating and a few I would have liked to have met in person for the first time. 

I’m counting on all of you going to give us all a detailed account including roll-by-roll commentary. 

It’s too late to register for this tournament but if you want to follow along, you can join the event on Facebook

Good luck everyone!!

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APBA Collecting: What is this 1953 set worth?

apba 829-002

I was contacted by Casey asking what a 1953 APBA baseball card set was worth.  Before going further, I needed to know what we were talking about.  Were we talking about an original 1953 or a reprint?  I know APBA had reprinted the 1953 season in 1985.  As some of you know, there is plenty of that kind of confusion on eBay.

No, Casey seemed to know what he was talking about and had assured me it was a vintage original set.  He says it is labeled as the 1954 edition with the 1953 cards.  The photos he sent later certainly look like they were from the era.  From what I tell from the photos the cards and envelopes look like they are in pretty decent shape. 

apba 828-001

I am not a APBA card set collector so I’m not an expert on what this kind of item will bring.  Does anyone have any idea what this 1953 original set might be worth? 

Here are a few more photos:

apba 827-001


apba 825-001

apba 824-001


apba 826-001

It looks like the set had been used at least once since there was a filled-out score sheet.  Casey, who tells me he owns the set, says the set looks very unused otherwise. 

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No-hitter alert: Cy stops Royals! No hitter! Lynn stanchion smoker sinks Saberhagen!

Cy_YoungNobody calls a game like APBA Blog reader Jim Currie.  Here’s his summary and play by play of a no-hitter in his BATS Tournament by some guy named Cy Young.   -Tom

What a way to bring 2014 to a close!…The GREAT Cy Young tosses a 3 zip no hitter against Brett Saberhagen and the KC Royals. ..Sabes, no slouch, and a CYA winner, was clipped for a mere 6 hits.The Royals ace easypassed a quartet, tinderboxed 6 Bosox mashing, mauling,  macemen…..One of those six was a dead center- upper deck -scintillating star duster of a smoking Spalding Satellite type, that settled in the upper region of Souvenirsville! That closed the puerta pronto, in the b1. ..Why don’t I just pick this sucka up, grab a cab, stoppin’ at Highlight Haven!

T1-Summit, New Jersey HS FB star, Willie Wilson,stepped in the lime bordered box, and, looked at three straight Cyclone smokalators, taking the reverse route to Dugsville,to grab a seat,where he then proceeded to declay his spikes. ..Which is the national smokebatted past time…Beltran and George Brett followed by sending long flyballs hauled in by Lynn in center.

B1-Leadoff swatter Wade Boggs,took a fastball off the black, lining a laser into right side Fen Freeway, good for a stand up keystop. ..Lynn, Bosox ground tender in center field, caught a hanger on the sweet and fired a contrailer to dead center, a no denying crash route sender to destination destruction! …(2-0 ) BOSTON!

T2-Young,facing KC keeper of the trunchammer, John Mayberry, watched BIG JAWN bust two skyscraper shots foul by inches of the rightline barrier…A slow 12-6er,and Mayberry winding ‘er at 2:37, found himself back in the dugout. .. Johnny Damon,took the easy way out. .Lookin’ at a 3/2 cookie cutter, called cuatro pelota! …The crowd,cutting loose with a variety of four lettered dictums, each describing their opinion of umpire,Mark Ruckhaus!….D Porter, lifted a ladder. ..taken..on..the waterless return to Leathertown by Boggs (5)…Academy Frank White, sizzled a dirt dagger that Boggs snapped..across to Ortiz. .And, the second frame entered the books…

T3-Steady Freddie Patek, the diminutive dynamo, lofted a cloud clinger, taken by T Ballgame in right for out number uno…Saberhagen faced his opnumber for all of three Cycloneter Smokelocious bat blitzers for strikeout #2…Willie Wilson made it a duo by waving at a 3/2 bullet returning his stick to the early days of Seedling City… Inning over!

T4- The dangerous Beltran took the Ball Four Rattler to the initial canvas…George Brett followed by chopping a roller to Young’s right, Cy,looking..fired to Ortiz, Carlos to second on the (1/3) …Mayberry topped a dirt  dagger…Otiz…Cy..another Royal good bye.(3-1) ..Beltran booking thirdward. ..Johnny Damon ended the upper half with an easyoffer to Lynn in center!

B4-And the Bosox closed the scoring for this day-Cysday!…Williams lined a rope to center, and, Ortiz whisteled a line catchin’ bullet over first base veering into the sidewall good for a twin bagger. ..Second and third. ..Carlton Fisk launched a sacfly to Damon in left center, sending Ballgame boppin’ home-(3-0)!!!

T5-And, the old prestidigitatin’ KC ROYALS saw their plan to surprise Boston, instead do a reverse blowback in their collective kissers. ..Porter took a ticket to the foxtrot four ball, only to be caught attempting to emulate Willie Sutton..Fisk fired to Doerr at second for the easy duster of the puffed up Porter. ..A smile on his mug was a sure way of sayin’ "Ya’s got me!"…A nice round of applause from REDSOX NATION showed approval of Porter’s display of sportsmanship.

T6-Young rolling…on his way to the house records…Already holding the single season marks in victories (29), shutouts (8), and ERA 1.76), there was a "no prisoners" countenance that opposing batters faced…Saberhagen found himself back in dugsville in a split. ..Wilson softballed it to Yaz in left, and, Beltran booked a room at the Hotel Whiffalornia, ending the topsix.

T7-Brett lifted the easyoff to Lynn in center…Mayberry popped into Boggs Leather, and, Damon did the "wha’25 happened? " on a beauty of a Cy Young Blackstoner Bullet!

T8-Porter slid a grasser Nomar…across to Ortiz (6-3)…one out…REDSOX NATION feeling it…Frank White popped to Boggs..four outs. . Just that quartet…Freddie Patek ground a guzzler…Garciaparra. ..Big Papi..OUT!

T9-Danny Tartabull. …For Sabes…What an assignment! …Order a #7 on a KAISER – STEERIIKE THREEE! …Just a deuce left…Rocketman Wilson…soil smacker…Nomar…on the money…Papi…ONE MORE!!!!!..Carlos Beltran. .first delivery. .Short flyball. .Carl… drifting. …Yaz hazzit! !!….CY YOUNG HAS PITCHED A NO HITTER!!!!…THE FINAL—. ..

BATS 2 BOSOX-3-6-0

L – Saberhagen


Photo by Bain News Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Monster Card Monday: 1989 Chris Bando

89 bando

A little over a year ago, reader Beau Lofgren suggested Chris Bando’s 1985 card for Terrible Card Tuesday.  Now, just in time for Bando’s 59th birthday on Wednesday, Beau brought his 1989 card to my attention.  It’s quite the antithesis of his ‘85 card. 

As good as this card is, Bando only played in one game in 1989 to earn it.  It was his last year in the majors and he was playing for the World Champion Oakland Athletics. 

His only game was the last game of the 1989 regular season for the A’s.  He pinch hit for Terry Steinbach in the 8th inning and stayed in the game.  Later in the 11th, his walk-off hit drove home Stan Javier to win the last game of the season! 

Unfortunately, Bando wasn’t rewarded with any postseason play in 1989 (though it would have been his first time in the playoffs). 

1989 Totals 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 .500 .500 .500
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 2/2/2015.


Count the hits!  I count ten 7s, four 8s and two 9s.  The 24-9, 25-7 and 26-9 combination looks very oddly satisfying. 

Fun numbers:  31-7, 24-9, 26-9

Thanks Beau!

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Kevin Burghardt is living in the 70s and loving it!

kbKevin Burghardt is two-thirds of the way through his Great Teams of the 1970’s project.  I can tell he’s having lots of fun with it from his website dedicated to the projectKevin sent me an update for the National League (he promises me an AL update will be on its way).  Here is Kevin’s report on his project     -TN

The Great Teams from the 1970’s project has now reached 108 games per team. 1,296 games have been rolled to date and 648 regular season games remain on the schedule. Here’s a look at how things stand at the 2/3 mark of the campaign.



N.L. East


’79 Pirates (63-45, .583 -)


Pittsburgh leads the N.L. East at the 2/3 mark of the season. The Bucs have been led on offense by Dave Parker (.280, 15, 84) and Willie Stargell (.271, 13, 49). In addition, Omar Moreno has contributed 51 base swipes and Bill Madlock leads the team in batting average with a .317 mark in 47 games played.

John Candeleria (10-5, 2.42) and Bruce Kison (10-2, 2.61) have led the rotation, while Enrique Romo (9-3-2, 2.31) and Kent Tekulve (5-8-23, 4.08) have anchored a strong bullpen. Pittsburgh’s team e.r.a. of 3.28 is good for third best in the Senior Circuit to date.

’77 Phillies (61-47, .565 2 GB)


Philadelphia is tied for second in the East, two behind the Bucs. The Phils’ best average hitter has been Bake McBride (.310, 5, 32 in 71G), while Greg Luzinski (.235, 20, 73) and Mike Schmidt (.243, 15, 65) have been tops in the power department. Larry Bowa (.305, 4, 57, 30 SB) has been solid in the #2 hole.

The rotation has been led by Cy Young candidate Steve Carlton (15-5, 2.10). Larry Christenson (10-5, 2.85) has been a good #2 starter, while the righty/lefty combo of Gene Garber (4-1-13, 2.18) and Tug McGraw (5-4-13, 2.45) lead a formidable ‘pen. Philly is tied with L.A. for the top spot in the team homers category (90).

’79 Expos (61-47, .565 2 GB)


Montreal is also tied for second in the East. Larry Parrish (.311, 18, 73) has been fantastic at the hot corner, while Andre Dawson (.280, 15, 60), Gary Carter (.272, 11, 48) and Ellis Valentine (.254, 15, 51) have also been solid offensive contributors.

The rotation has a pair of members with double digit wins (Sanderson:10-2, 3.01, Rogers:13-8, 3.46) and swingman David Palmer (8-4-1, 2.39) has had a stellar season to date. Elias Sosa (5-6-22, 0.87) has been spectacular in the ‘pen. Montreal is just a tad behind St. Louis for best team batting average in the N.L. at .261.

’72 Cubs (55-53, .509 8 GB)


Chicago is in fourth place thanks in large part to team MVP Billy Williams (.306, 26, 90). Ron Santo (.306, 6, 47) and Jose Cardenal (.303, 8, 33) have hit for average, but their power outage has been notable.

Bill Hands (11-4, 2.78) has been the staff ace to date, while Milt Pappas (9-7, 2.74) and Fergie Jenkins (10-12, 2.99) have also performed well. Jack Aker (1-4-18, 3.07) leads an otherwise horrid bullpen. The Cubs have a -27 run differential, yet sit at two games above .500.

’71 Cardinals (54-54, .500 9 GB)


St. Louis is right at the .500 mark with a third of the season to go. Joe Torre (.353, 13, 82) has been their strongest offensive contributor, while Matty Alou (.309, 3, 59) and Lou Brock (.290, 5, 42, 46SB) have also helped the cause.

Bob Gibson (12-5, 2.15) has been the rotation’s best, while Steve Carlton (11-10, 2.68) and Reggie Cleveland (11-7, 3.45) have also been solid. Frank Linzy (3-6-10, 4.06) leads a shaky bullpen in saves. The Redbirds lead the N.L. with a team batting average of .261.

’76 Mets (49-59, .454 14 GB)


New York is in last place in the East, mainly because of an anemic offense (.238 team average, 11th in the NL in runs scored). John Milner (.283, 12, 42) and Dave Kingman (.247, 24, 50) have been the leaders on offense.

On the flip side, the Mets have allowed the fewest runs (361) and lead the NL in team e.r.a. (2.87). Jon Matlack (12-6, 2.23) has been the staff ace, while Mickey Lolich (6-7, 2.49) and Tom Seaver (10-10, 2.81) have also had fine campaigns to date. Skip Lockwood (4-3-11, 2.25) and Bob Apodoca (4-5-2, 2.14) have provided a wonderful 1-2 punch in the ‘pen.


N.L. West


’75 Reds (69-39, .639 -)


Cincinnati is running away with the NL West. The Reds lead the league in runs scored (497). The main offensive contributors have been Joe Morgan (.324, 7, 68, 43SB), George Foster (.299, 15, 69), Tony Perez (.255, 21, 77), and Pete Rose (.293, 7, 52).

Cincy is second in team e.r.a. (3.07). Gary Nolan (10-2, 2.19) and Don Gullett (7-2, 2.43) have led the rotation, while Rawly Eastwick (4-2-5, 2.35) and Clay Carroll (7-3-5, 2.65) have led an outstanding bullpen. Reds’ management has already started taking names for a lottery drawing of NLCS tickets.

’77 Dodgers (59-49, .546 10 GB)


Los Angeles is in second place out West, but trail the Big Red Machine by double digits. Steve Yeager (.290, 13, 53) has been the surprising leader on offense. Reggie Smith (.286, 10, 54) had a slow start but has picked it up lately and Steve Garvey (.253, 17, 63) leads the team in homers and the Dodgers are tied with Philadelphia for the top spot in that team category (90).

Tommy John (12-5, 1.78) is a strong Cy Young candidate. Don Sutton (9-4, 2.77) and Burt Hooton (10-6, 3.34) have also been good thus far. The bullpen has been disappointing but Mike Garman (3-3-2, 3.27) has done a good job as a setup man. Charlie Hough (2-7-6, 5.09) lost his closer role to Elias Sosa (3-7-8, 3.48) before mid-season.

’78 Padres (46-62, .426 23 GB)


San Diego leads the pile of struggling teams at the bottom of the N.L. West. Dave Winfield (.278, 12, 64) has been the Padres’ best offensive player. Gene Richards (.295, 4, 31, 32SB) and Ozzie Smith (.266, 0, 32, 29SB) have been lighting up the basepaths, but S.D. is tied for last in team homers with Houston (42).

Randy Jones (7-9, 2.35) and Gaylord Perry (10-11, 3.09) have led the rotation, while Rollie Fingers (4-10-17, 3.58) has had an up and down season in the ‘pen. Mark Lee (3-2-2, 2.15) has performed well as the team’s main setup man.

’79 Astros (45-63, .417 24 GB)


Houston sits in fourth place out West. The Astros are tied for the NL’s worst in team homers (42), but lead the league in stolen bases (136). Denny Walling (.341, 5, 15) has been great in part time duty, while Terry Puhl (.269, 9, 35) leads the team in homers. Five Astros have 20 or more stolen bases (Leonard, Puhl, Cabell, Cruz, Cedeno).

J.R. Richard (7-11, 3.01) has an incredible 246 K’s at the 2/3 mark. Joe Niekro (10-10, 4.13) leads the team in wins, while Joe Sambito (6-6-13, 2.87) is tops on the club in saves.

’71 Giants (44-64, .407 25 GB)


San Francisco is in fifth place and the main culprit has been the pitching staff. On offense, Willie McCovey (.283, 13, 57) has led the way, with Bobby Bonds (.256, 13, 41, 18SB) contributing as well. Willie Mays (.237, 12, 43) leads the team in both walks (84) and strikeouts (119).

The team e.r.a. of 4.54 is the worst in the N.L. Gaylord Perry (12-8, 3.03) hasn’t been at fault though. Juan Marichal (9-9, 3.50) has been another bright spot in the rotation. Jerry Johnson (3-10-14, 5.50) has had major struggles in the closer role.

’74 Braves (42-66, .389 27 GB)


Atlanta has the worst record in the league. Their team average of .221 and runs scored total of 348 are both dead last. Ralph Garr (.310, 3, 30, 18SB) has been a bright spot on offense, but Hank Aaron (.247, 6, 25) has struggled and third baseman Darrell Evans (.172, 15, 45) has the worst batting average for a regular in the league.

Phil Niekro (11-13, 2.57) has been a rotation workhorse, while Buzz Capra (9-8, 2.93) has had a good season as well. Carl Morton (7-15, 3.24) has suffered from a lack of run support. Tom House (2-5-14, 2.32) leads the bullpen.


N.L. Offensive Leaders


Batting average                         Home runs                                Runs batted in

1)J. Torre-.353                           1)B. Williams-26                      1)B. Williams-90

2)J. Morgan-.324                       2)D. Kingman-24                       2)D. Parker-84

3)L. Parrish-.311                        3)T. Perez-21                           3)J. Torre-82

4)R. Garr-.310                            4)G. Luzinski-20                       4)T. Perez-77

5)M. Alou-.309                           5)L. Parrish-18                           5)G. Luzinski-73


Stolen bases                             OBP                                         SLG

1)O. Moreno-51                         1)J. Morgan-.427                       1)B.Williams.569

2)L. Brock-46                            2)J. Torre-.411                           2)L.Parrish .559

3)J. Morgan-43                          3)W. Mays-.391                         3)J. Torre .533

4)D. Lopes-38                           4)R. Santo-.388                         4)D.Kingman520

5)R. Scott-37                             5)R. Smith-.376                         5)D. Parker .512


N.L. Pitching Leaders


E.R.A.                                      Wins                                         Saves

1)T. John-1.78                           1)S. Carlton-15                          1)K. Tekulve-23

2)S. Carlton-2.10                       2)S. Rogers-13                          2)E. Sosa-22

3)B. Gibson-2.15                       3)Five tied with 12                     3)J. Aker-18

4)G. Nolan-2.19                                                                         4)R. Fingers-17

5)J. Matlack-2.23                                                                       5)J. Johnson-14



1)J.R. Richard-246

2)T. Seaver-165


4)B. Gibson-151

5)F. Jenkins-149


Thanks for the update, Kevin!  Looking forward to the AL report, too!

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2011 ial draft 228

Someone in the Illowa APBA League worked out the formula at the 2011 Draft weekend. 

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Illowa APBA League 2014 Hall of Fame ballot out!

ial 2012 draft 050-001Wouldn’t you know it.  The day after I post an article asking everyone how you evaluate players when voting for them on awards, the Illowa APBA League ballot for Hall of Fame comes out. 

The job for handing that lands on our vice-president, Rob Moore.  He did a great summary of the Hall of Fame candidates in his press release.

Rob writes:

“This year, we have six new candidates: Jon Garland and Mariano Rivera on the pitching side, joining Mike Mussina and Andy Pettite who carried over from last year, and Lance Berkman, Vladimir Guerrero, Magglio Ordonez, and Miguel Tejada joining Gary Sheffield and Ivan Rodriguez who carried over from last year.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about the candidates, and get some discussion going, either over e-mail or on the APBA Blog.  I’d like to get ballots back by the draft weekend, but I’d also like to see some discussion first!  Here are my thoughts.

On the pitching side, Mike Mussina has been knocking on the door for a while, just missing the cut off to make the Hall, which is 7 out of 10 votes.  Both he and Pettitte (who had less support last year, in his first year on the ballot) have a similar profile, with Mussina having a few more wins and K’s, but Pettite having the better winning percentage and ERA.  However, both have ERA’s well over 4, and the only pitchers in the Hall with an ERA over 4 are Dennis Eckersley (who also has 208 saves) and Tom Glavine, who has 44 more wins and around 800 more career innings than Mussina. 

Jon Garland has 130 wins, threw a no-hitter, and won 20 games once (21-5 in 2005 with my team, the Chicago Highlanders), but falls well short of Hall-worthy for me.  Mariano Rivera on the other hand is a slam-dunk for me; 461 saves and a 2.90 ERA are impressive – even more impressive is that in a league where relievers often get knocked around regardless of grade, his worst season ERA was 4.42 in his second season, and his second worst was 4.02 in his second to last.

On the hitting side, Gary Sheffield and Ivan Rodriguez both missed the cut by the slimmest margin last year; Sheffield ranks 7th in career runs, 14th in RBI, and 13th in HR.  Rodriguez is the leader for catchers in most counting stats other than HR, with more than 500 more hits than Mike Piazza to go along with gold-glove defense for his entire 20 year career (all with my team; you may notice a theme this year). He’s also 4th in career doubles, which is impressive for a catcher.

Among the new guys, I can’t quite get behind Lance Berkman, despite his being on of my favorites (and also a former Highlander, along with Garland, Sheffield, and Rodriguez).  His counting stats and power numbers aren’t what I’d like to see from a slugging first baseman/outfielder.  320 career homers and 1,511 hits doesn’t cut it.  Magglio Ordonez falls into the same category – unquestionably great in some of his best years, and a .295 average in this league is very impressive, but the lack of durability cut into his career totals – over the last 8 years of his career he only managed to stay on the field over 90 games three times (nd one of those was only 115 games).

I imagine Vladimir Guerrero will get a good amount of support – he had nearly the same career average as Magglio (.293) and also added over 600 more hits, 150 more homers, and 700 combined runs and RBI.  Miguel Tejada’s numbers seem relatively pedestrian in comparison until you look at them in the context of IAL middle infielders – he has fewer hits than the other middle infielders in the Hall (Ripken, Larkin, Alomar and Whitaker, but he has better power numbers than all of them but Ripken.  He’s also a career-long Highlander.  I’m thinking there might be a reason I had a six year playoff drought after all these guys retired…”

Click here to see our entire ballot including current Illowa APBA League Hall of Famers and their stats.

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IAL final standings: Thunderchickens will wait till next year

The standings are final in the 2014 Illowa APBA League race…


The Iowa team may be named the Oinkers but the Twin City Thunderchickens stunk it up just as much as they did.  We both went 62-100 to tie for last place. 


HPIM0359 IMG_8964

Congratulations are very much due to Chuck Lucas (above left) of the Northside Hitmen and Marcus Bunch (above right) of the Moline Upperdeckers.  They both tied too but it was for first place with a 94-68 record. 

The Hitmen were helped by Miggy Cabrera who led the league in HR (50) and rbis (138).  The Upperdeckers boasted Cy Young candidate Clayton Kershaw (22-6, 2.56 ERA) as well as OF Adam Jones (47 HR, 130 rbis).

Both will face off against their playoff opponents at the IAL draft weekend on February 20th. 

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Brando’s 1938 replay: Vandy’s effort close but no cigar

brandoMy friend John Brandeberry is replaying the 1938 season using the APBA Basic Game.  He just emailed me the results of Johnny Vander Meer’s two consecutive starts in which he no-hit his opponents. 

Vander Meer didn’t quite live up to reality but he gave it a good shot.


6-11-38 against the Boston Braves

Real Life:  9 IP 0 hits 0 runs 3 BB  4 Ks  2 HB

APBA:  9 IP 6 hits 2 runs 3 BB  4 Ks  1 HB

6-15-38 against the Brooklyn Robins

Real life:  9 IP 0 hits 0 runs 8 BB  7 Ks

APBA:  9 IP 1 hit  0 runs  2 BB  6 Ks

Not a bad performance by the Reds’ starter!  Eight hits in two complete games. 

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Weird Card Wednesday: 1940 Wally Berger

berger ken schulz fb

This 1940 Wally Berger card, submitted by Ken Schulz via Facebook, looks like someone threw the numbers into blender. 

It’s obviously a data or printer error.  But if you look closer, there you can make some sense of it.  The bottom four rows seem to be correct.  As for the top eight rows, each result number was inadvertently printed on the black dice roll number on the left of the intended placement.  Those result numbers intended for the left hand column were placed on the far right column and one column up. 

1940 Totals 22 47 43 3 13 2 0 1 5 1 4 8 .302 .362 .419
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 1/28/2015.


But what of the 11 result?  Logic would tell me that it would be the number at 62 (the “leftover” number).  Alas, that is a 12 and that certainly isn’t it.  Besides, Berger already has a 23-12.  I don’t think I’m going out on too much of a limb to say it’s probably an 11-0-1.

As strange as this card looks, It’s a workable and near accurate card once the one correction is made at the 11.  He has hit numbers 0-0-0-7-7-8-8-8-9-9 with three 14s.  I work this card out to hitting around .280-.290 which is a little low compared to his real life .302 mark but not too far off.  His power numbers also seem to fit someone who hit two doubles and one homer in 47 plate appearances.  It does make me appreciate the traditional (and correct!) APBA card layout and how easy it is to tell a good hitter from a poor hitter at a glance.

Thanks Ken for a truly scrambled card!

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