Terrible Card Tuesday: 1967 Reggie Jackson

1967 Reggie Jackson

Like the previous Johnny Bench card, this Reggie Jackson card comes from Mel M’s 1967 card set.  Jackson came up for the Athletics for the last year they were in existence in Kansas City.  Reggie’s card is not near as bad as Bench’s ‘67 card was but obviously still doesn’t have the luster that his future ones would.   

Like 1967 Bench, this was Jackson’s debut in the majors.  Also, similar to Bench, Kansas City started him for the majority of his games.

In 135 plate appearances, Jackson hit .178 and perhaps more telling, a .305 slugging percentage.  His strikeout number were foretelling, though.  He whiffed 46 times. 

1967 Totals 35 32 135 118 13 21 4 4 1 6 1 10 46 .178 .269 .305
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 8/27/2013.


Jackson does have a respectable three zeros but due to his total of just one homer, he also only has three second column ones to go along with that.  He’s also cursed with the two 8, two 9 combination as well putting a non-hit number at 25. 

Jackson has always been a free swinger but in 1967, if you roll a red six, you better roll a white six, too.  He’s got 13s from 61 to 64.  With the bases loaded, he’d strike out too.  In total, Buck’s got a total of ten 13s on his card.

Ugly numbers:  25-42, 35-13, 13-40

The similarities with Bench continue.  Jackson also didn’t wait long to get going.  He played a full season for the Oakland A’s in 1968 and hitting 29 homers and driving in 74 rbis and even stealing 14 bases. 

Thanks Mel!

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Dylan H takes Bridesburg League 2013 championship!

484600_135631379912900_123230530_nBrian Cavanaugh sent me a great summary on the Bridesburg Boys and Girls Club APBA League season.  The Rockets captained by Dylan H., won the Bridesburg 2013 championship!


Brian reports:

As the summer of 2013 winds down, so has the 2013 Bridesburg Boys and Girls Club APBA league. This was the 4th summer that the league has played. This summer was our first as a "Keeper" league where player/owners were allowed the choice of keeping up to 5 players from the previous season ( each kept player resulted in a loss of a draft pick).This season saw 18 teams play head to head on a daily basis of 3-4 games per day. There is a 40 game limit with a minimum of 35 to qualify for postseason play. The league lasts for 7 weeks and each player plays divisional opponents 4 times each and non-divisional opponents 2 times.

This format is altered due to the transient nature of a summer day camp where a player may miss a week or two due to family vacation times.

Rose Division     Schmidt Division  
Lightning 28-12   Rockets 28-12
Senators 27-13   Convicts 28-12
Stingers 20-20   Wolverines 21-19
Red Tigers 14-24   Rat Pack 20-18
      Studs 11-25
Carlton Division        
Wings 22-18   Ashburn Division  
Rainbow Ninjas 12-28   Night Hawks 30-10
Lightning Bolts 8-22   Thunder 21-10
Cubs 4-23   M&M’s 20-13
Phillies 3-18   Scuba Divers 10-18


Playoffs Round 1

Hawks over Wolverines, Rat Pack over Lightning, Rockets over Senators, Wings over Convicts

Round 2

Hawks over Rat Pack, Rockets over Wings

Championship Game

Rockets over Night Hawks

After finishing as runners-up as a 7th seeded rookie in 2012, the Rockets, played by Dylan H., came out on top. The Hawks finished the regular season with a league record 30 wins (played by second year player Christan S.).  In the 4 years that the league has been in operation, I have watched many of the kids grow from novice players who stared blankly at the numbers on a card to being able to
breakdown the numbers and ratings on a card to determine the value of a player.

The kids really love the game and would often play 3-4 games a day. Some who have grown from campers to Jr. Staff would even come in 2-3 hours before their start time and hang 2-3 hours after their shifts ended just so they could play as many games as possible (and even playing games for kids who were absent).  The
summer program is now over and most of the kids will not comeback to the club until next June when summer camp starts up again. Some have gone and bought their own game sets from APBA and 2 (Ian M. and Christian S.) were the beneficiaries of donated games from members of the APBA community.

This summer was a lot of fun, more so than the others as Ian (Convicts), Gary (Wings) and Rob (M & M’s) even helped me complete my 1964 Phillies replay.  This league is a lot of fun and I genuinely miss it when we are not playing. The kids have a true love of the game and are always talking about the cards and how the numbers are broken down. They are the reason why this league has been so successful.

Great work, Brian and congrats to all the kids!! 

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Monster Card Monday: 1973 Barry Foote

barry foote

I ran across this 1973 Barry Foote card on Facebook.  Bruce Pratt posted it.  He had just purchased the new 1973 season and is loving Foote’s fantastic albeit limited, card for the Expos.

Foote was a late season call-up for the Expos and made the most of his time.  He went 4 for 6 with a triple.  Interesting thing though… the Expos lost five the six games he appeared in.  Foote can hardly be faulted since he was only a pinch hitter in all six games.

1973 Totals 6 0 6 6 0 4 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 .667 .667 1.000
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 8/26/2013.


It’s an abnormal card for Footie.  While he may have deserved the Catcher-6, why the 33-6?  He didn’t hit a double in his six plate appearances.  Regardless, it’s a monster card with five 7s stretching out to 25 and four 8s and two 9s, giving him a 62-9.  He gets a 36-14 (again, with no real life walks). 

It appears that for as much as Foote’s 1973 card is a Monster Card,  it’s been normalized in many ways (strikeouts, DPs, walks).  Considering his limited playing time, that may not be a bad thing depending on your point of view on the subject. 

It is interesting also how we (I, at least) tend to glamorize players from our past.  Barry Foote, yeah, he was pretty good.  Well, looking at his stats, he only batted .230 for his career.  His other offensive stats aren’t much better.  I’m pretty sure he solidified his defense to a decent level, though. 

I blame APBA for this.  I know Foote for his halfway decent year for the Cubs in my 1979 APBA card set when he hit 16 dingers and hit .254. 

…or maybe I just liked the nickname, “Footie”. 

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Hothead Drysdale


Drysdale still made it into the top ten of current ERA leaders

Today, I probably played my strangest game in my 1966 NL replay so far.  It was an April 24th matchup between the Dodgers and the Cubs.  The Northsiders were trying to even the series in Chicago after getting whupped 8-2 in the first game. 

Forget the fact that it was Cub pitcher Ken Holtzman’s first start of the season and he didn’t make it out of the second inning.  That was the least of it.  Holtzman allowed eight runs and gave up an Al Ferrara 2-run homer before the skipper could give him the hook. 

LA’s Don Drysdale was on a roll, though.  Through six innings, he had a 2-hit shutout going.  Only Ron Santo and Randy Hundley had been able to get through to him with singles.  Yes, it looked like Don was on his way to fantastic game. 

Then comes the top of the seventh inning.  With the Dodgers up 10-0, Cub reliever Bill Faul loaded the bases and Drysdale came up to bat.  No slouch at the plate, I figured he could help his cause.  No such luck.  The hothead pitcher is ejected arguing a called strike with the umpire in a ten-run game in which he has a shutout going!

The Dodgers did end up winning though the Cubs made it slightly interesting.  They scored four runs off reliever Bob Miller before Johnny Podres shut the Cubs down with the bases loaded in the ninth.  Final score 10-4

First rule of baseball:  Don’t argue balls and strikes!

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APBA Footballers rolling in Canton this weekend!

APBA Football tourney

For APBA Football fans, this is the weekend!  Carefully organized by the APBA Football Club’s Geoff Giordano, the APBA Football Tournament in Canton, Ohio (yes, the Pro Football Hall of Fame) is under way. 

APBA Football fans can get updates on the APBA Football Club’s Facebook page or read up on it at its website

Thanks Geoff for all your hard work.  Good luck to everyone there! 

[photo via @APBAfootballclb’s Twitter]

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1905 Chicago Cubs replay update: Cubs pick off the Phils

by Scott Fennessy

Chicago IL, 7/29/1905

Johnny_Evers_1910The Cubs return home from a good road trip that saw them get back on track as they continue their chase of the Giants while also fending off the Pirates. They lost a tough one in Philadelphia the other day 3-1 so it is good that they start their current home stand against the Phillies. Bill Duggleby faces the red hot Jake Weimer who has thrown 18 straight scoreless innings.

For the first time in a while the Cubs allow the leadoff hitter to reach, but Jake does what he does best and that’s shut down rallies. The next three hitters are retired and the Cubs come to bat in the bottom of the first. The Cubs really miss a golden opportunity in the first with runners on the corners, but “Frosty Bill” comes up big and the bruins get nothing. That established the tone for the afternoon as neither team did much of anything as the score was still 0-0 in the bottom of the fifth. Joe Tinker who has really struggled offensively this year gets a slider and drops it to the gap in right and gets a leadoff double. Jake Weimer who is really having a good year slips a grounder just out of Ernie Courtney’s reach at third and Tinker scores and is at second on a grounder and two out in the inning when Frank Schulte gets a single that drops just in front of Sherry Magee in center scoring Weimer. Frank Chance is really seeing the ball well lately and continues his great hitting with an RBI single scoring Schulte who had stolen second. Duggleby gets out of the inning but the damage is done and the Cubs have a 3-0 lead.

Weimer continues to cruise, allowing just 2 hits at this point when the Cubs finally break this game open in the 7th. Weimer gets his second single of the day and is now at .284 for the year. Considering he does not have a great hitters card this reporter is somewhat at an explanation. One out later Johnny Evers gets a single and runners are on the corners. Schulte hits one hard and it’s through the hole between third and short, but wait! Shortstop Mike Doolan makes a terrific play and gets “Wildfire” at first. Weimer had to hold at third but runners are now on 2nd & 3rd. Chance makes the Phillies pay again with another single, this one driving in 2 more and Chance takes second on the throw that was way up the line. Jim Casey then drives the final nail in the coffin with an RBI single that knocks Duggleby from the game and the Cubs now have a 6-0 lead. Sutthoff comes in to finish the inning as the phils manager is unhappy as the pitchers spot was due to leadoff and he had to waste a precious bullpen slot.

Weimer gets through another scoreless inning and Bill Caldwell comes in to hold the door closed. While the Cubs threaten nothing else happens and the “Tornado” goes to the mound in the 9th going for his third straight shutout. Unfortunately the Phillies and Hugh Duffy snuff that hope as he gets a leadoff double to left and moves to third after a ground out. Bill Bransfield hits a fly to deep left and Jimmy Slagle catches this just in front of the wall as Duffy scores the first and only run of the day for the visitors.

Weimer goes the distance and improves to 20-2 for the year and really has been the best pitcher in the NL this year. He has his great fielding one defense behind him that stopped 2 plays that weaker fielding teams would not have pulled off. I am picking up the update from around the league and this one’s a final! The Cincinnati Reds’ Orval Overall beats the Giants 4-3 behind Fritz Odwell’s MLB leading 13th homer in the 6th. With the Pirates off today the Cubs get good news all around.

Giants 59 19 .756
Cubs 55 24 .696
Pirates 48 31 .608

[photo credit]

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Rod Caborn compiles data on his 17 APBA baseball replays

I consider replaying one APBA season a pretty good feat.  Well, how about 17 seasons?  Yes, Rod Caborn has completed a total of seventeen replays in addition, by the way, to managing a team in the OAPBA League.

We recently covered his latest replay, the deadball season of 1883.  Not only has Rod done the replays but he’s gone through the effort of compiling the highlights of his efforts for us peruse.  He’s put together a pdf document full of info and leaderboards (you may have to zoom in a tad to view it). 

Some were isolated league replays.  Others were integrated seasons.  The earliest season was the 1883 season.  The latest was his integrated Modern Era league which included teams from this century.  Very comprehensive data and the document looks great! 

If you want to find out more about the man behind the replays, check out these APBA Fan Profile we did of Rod back in 2011.

As for his next project, Rod says:

I have no idea of what replay I’m going to undertake next. Thinking about something that incorporates teams from the mid-1930s and early 1940s, for the simple reason that one comes away with a better knowledge of the teams of each year or era from the replays.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear about it!  Well done, sir!

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APBA Football Club does a ‘Reveal and Review’ of revised Football Game

Geoff Giordano from the APBA Football Club does a thorough job in his “Reveal and Review” of the new revised APBA basic Football Game that just came out.  Football fans should definitely check out the video he posted on YouTube.


Geoff’s review is pretty positive though he does have some concerns about the flimsy football field.  Given how sturdy everything else is (the box, the booklet), I’m a bit surprised though it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker for Geoff.  The actual booklet is quite similar in format and theme to the revised APBA baseball game booklet.  APBA is standardizing, it seems and that’s probably a good thing. 

Current APBA fans should read the notes below the YouTube video for what’s new in the game. 

Great job Geoff! 

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1905 Chicago Cubs replay update: Phils avoid sweep

by Scott Fennessy

Philadelphia, PA 7/27/1905

Frank CorridonThe Cubs wrap up their road trip with the 4th and final game of the series and go for the sweep.

Herb Briggs faces Frank Corridon in an infrequent B vs. B matchup.

Both pitchers look good in the first two frames and “The Fiddler” is clearly having his best game this year as the Cubs have not looked good at all and Corridon has a perfect game going as the Cubs end their half of the 3rd. The Phillies have been struggling lately to score, but crack through on Briggs as Corridon, a good hitting pitcher leads off with a single and is still on first with one out when Bill Gleason, a light hitting second baseman gets a fastball high and outside, but he chases it and gets plenty of wood on it. Right fielder Frank Schulte keeps going back but it’s over his head! It bounces around in the corner and Schulte loses valuable time trying to get a hold of the ball. Gleason is in with a stand up triple and Corridon helps himself by scoring the first run. John Titus who has been having a great year has been slumping pretty badly and has watched his average drop from .300 down to .280 but he hits a fly to deep left field. Jimmy Slagle is there but has no play as the speedy Gleason scores easily. Hugh Duffy then gets a single but is stranded as the inning ends 2-0 Phillies leading.

Both pitchers continue to dominate as no further runs score as we enter the 5th inning. Corridon lost the perfect game in the previous inning on a Bill Bransfield error and now the no hitter is gone as Jim Casey rips a hard grounder just under Ernie Courtney’s reach at third. Jim moves to second on a ground out and Jimmy Slagle drops a soft fly just in front of Titus in left. Casey does make it to third however and Chance seeing perhaps his only chance at winning this game starts the runners with Joe Tinker at the plate. Tinker hits a rocket right at Bransfield at first and the unassisted double play kills the rally and ends the inning. His teammates swarm him in the dugout as this more than made up for his previous error.

The Cubs finally get a break in the 7th as Briggs a less than stellar hitter gets surprise single and Billy Maloney tries to lay down a sacrifice bunt and hits it too hard and Courtney fires to Gleason at second to nail the lead runner. The Cubs however in this reporters opinion got the better end of the deal as the speedy Maloney now opens up the hit and run opportunity and the red hot Johnny Evers gets a single and runners on the corners with just one out. Schulte hits a fly to Magee in center and Maloney scores the Cubs first run of the afternoon. Unfortunately Corridon shuts the door and the inning ends 2-1 Phillies.

Again the pitchers continue to dominate and Briggs has looked very strong despite being down in this game, but the Phillies come through again as the horribly slumping Magee rips a triple into the gap in left center. Gleason hits a Baltimore chop that catcher Johnny Kling can’t handle and while Magee has to hold Gleason is on with the error. Briggs pitches to Titus a bit too carefully and has now walked the bases loaded. Duffy then gets an important RBI on his fly out, and Briggs gets the final two outs to end the inning and Corridon takes the hill in the ninth with a 3-1 lead.

Frank Chance gets a single and Casey gets a hit and run single and runners are on the corners with only 1 out, but Corridon was completely unfazed and gets the win, his 12th of the season.

This was a tough game for both teams and unfortunately the Cubs head home after a heartbreaker. In a post-game interview Frank Chance was quoted “I felt bad for “Buttons” today. He tossed a gem and deserved the win. I can’t be mad at my boys because we did win 3 of the 4 games, but I really felt like we could have won this even at the end.” Tinkers inning ending double play ball in the 5th was the key moment in this game. While the Cubs finished the road trip with a 10-7 record, it actually was a step in the right direction as most of the wins were in the first part of the trip and they had played very well over the final 6 games. This was tough as Pittsburg lost a nail bitter in Boston as the Braves win 2-1 on the strength of Chick Fraser’s 5 hitter. Meanwhile in New York the Giants, down yet again in the 5th rallied and crushed the Reds 10-2. First baseman Dan McGann went 2 for 3 with a double, a home run (his 7th) and 5 RBI and a stolen base.

The Cubs get their chance at revenge in Chicago in 2 days.

Giants 59 18 .766
Cubs 54 24 .692
Pirates 47 31 .603

[photo credit]

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 1966 Bobby Pena


I posted this 1966 Roberto “Bobby” Pena card a few days ago on The APBA Blog Facebook page.  Why?  In my ‘66 NL replay where I’m using actual lineups, his Cubs have taken to starting him at shortstop in mid-April.  Not only that, they have led him off once or twice.  As you can guess from his stats on his card, the “Pena Experiment” by the Cubs won’t last long and Don Kessinger will be the shortstop of choice. 

It was Pena’s second year in the majors and despite the Cubs’ efforts, he couldn’t make it.  I honestly don’t know… he may have gotten injured.  Regardless, he went 3 for 17 with two doubles and that was that. 

1966 Totals 6 4 17 17 0 3 2 0 0 1 0 0 4 .176 .176 .294
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 8/19/2013.


1966 Bobby Pena probably deserves four sixes instead of the three that he got.  Most likely, he was downgraded due to his lack of playing time.  What is interesting is that he received a 45-14 despite getting zero walks in 1966. 

Ugly numbers:  51-39, 31-23, 13-13 and SS-6

The Phillies acquired Bobby Pena after the 1966 season and after spending some time in the minors, he became a more reliable talent hitting in the .240-.260 range.  Starting in 1968, he played three full time seasons albeit with four different teams. 

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