1905 replay update: Indians beat Giants in hard fought game 1

200px-Nap_Lajoie_1913by Scott Fennessy

New York, NY

Here we are. After 1 year and 5 months of games we have reached the big stage. Game one is going to be an interesting battle as Indians workhorse Addie Joss (33-14) who pitched 453.1 innings goes for the Tribe in game one against Christy Mathewson (37-8) who racked up 417.1 of his own innings. Both pitchers won the Pitcher Of The Year honors. The Giants also have MVP Mike Donlin and the Indians counter with Harry Bay and Napoleon Lajoie who finished 2nd and 3rd for the batting title.

This one was everything thought it would be. Two great hurlers who shut down the offense as neither team had scored after six innings. In fact, the Indians had only managed 3 hits, two of them doubles by Cotton Turner and Jay Clarke and for the Giants only one hit, a two out triple by George Browne in the 4th inning.

The Indians get their chance in the 7th inning as Bill Dahlen boots a grounder by George Stovall. Stovall had moved to second with one out when Bill Bradley, who after coming back from another of his endless string of DL trips hit the ball hard the last two weeks of the season rips a double to deep right field that scores Stovall for the first run of the day. Given Joss’ performance today this could be enough. Mathewson stops the rally cold, but the inning ends 1-0 Indians.

Cleveland gets another run in the 8th as Lajoie hits a single up the box and calls for the hit and run. Elmer Flick, who had a down year, but still was 7th in the AL in slugging percentage and 8th in doubles. He hits one deep down the left field line and this one hits high off the wall. Sam Mertes plays the ball well, but Flick pulls into second with a stand up double and Lajoie scores an insurance run.

That was enough for Joss as he continued his domination over the final two innings. The Indians win a nail biter 2-0. Joss allowed just two hits. Mathewson looked good too, but the tribe managed enough hits to pick up the big victory.

Around the horn: An interesting note regarding Jay Clarke of the Indians. Once after he had just gotten married asked Lajoie for a day off to be with the new bride and Lajoie said no. So he goes to warm up Joss for the start of the game and puts his finger up so that the pitch breaks his finger. As he walks to the dugout with his hand bleeding badly he asks “can I go home now?” The two never did well together again.

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Urbana Locomotives ready to clinch in Boys of Summer APBA League


A few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure my Urbana Locomotives could get much better but they have.  My Boys of Summer APBA League team have really pushed the envelope in the past three series.  In that time, they have gone 15-3 including a 6-0 drubbing of commissioner Shawn Baier’s Traverse City Panthers.  In that series, Loco hurlers kept the Panthers scoreless in 32 straight innings in that series. 

After that win streak, the Locos now boast an 88-47 record as we head into the homestretch of this season.  Amazingly, we don’t have the best winning percentage.  Bill Gillam’s South Shore Fighting Imps have a 93-42 record in the AL East.  That said, among the three divisions, Urbana may clinch first place before anyone.  Right now, we are 25 games games above second place NL East Hannibal Caveman managed by Randy Woolley and our magic number is hanging at just three games. 

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a team effort.  Every player has contributed in some way.  There have been a few players who have been extremely consistent throughout the year though. 

Adrian Beltre has won too many BoS Players of the Week for me to count and is heading towards an MVP candidacy.  He leads the entire league in batting (.354), rbis (a terrific 121, that’s 22 above the next highest), runs (89) and hits (181).  It’s getting a little late in the season for him to capture the Triple Crown without a big surge but he is still third in the league with 33. 

Beltre will face some competition from Miguel Cabrera from the Buffalo Yankees for MVP.  Miggy leads in homers with 40 and also paces the league in slugging.


On the mound, David Price is doing just as fantastic as Beltre.  He leads all BoS pitchers with a 19-3 record as well as with his 2.34 ERA.  Allowing just 5.4 hits per 9 innings, he also paces the league with 10 complete games and six shutouts. 

There have been a couple of unnoticed players on the Locomotives.  Catcher Carlos Ruiz is under the minimum at-bat requirement (304) but he is batting .375 with a slugging percentage of .655. 

And this one I just can’t figure out… Colby Lewis who is Grade 9 (Grade C) starter has done everything in his power to make sure his manager doesn’t take him out of the rotation.  He’s gone 10-1 with a 1.90 ERA.  Sadly, his time is almost up as APBA’s Advanced Injury Management (AIM) is telling me his RUse is almost down to 0%.  It’s been a good ride, Colby. 

As we head into the homestretch, the Boys of Summer League managers are calling on our reserves.  We are now able to expand our rosters to 40.  I’m looking at my team status report and we’re looking pretty good.  Aside from Lewis, most players are pretty rested.  It will be nice to have an extra bat on the bench or a glove to bring in during the late innings though.

Good luck to my fellow BoS managers in the homestretch!   

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Weird Card Wednesday: Chuck Norris?

chck norris

Ok, before anyone asks, it’s obviously a joke. 

Scott Fennessy passed this on to me a while ago.  Apparently, it’s been making the rounds of the Internet. 

What, no speed numbers for Chuck?

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Terrible Card Tuesday: 1967 Billy Cowan

billy cowan

You might have read about Billy “Bill” Cowan in the update by Mel Maricic on his 1967 replay posted on Sunday.  Cowan has started to make a name for himself, at least in Mel’s replay.  Namely, Cowan already has three homers in limited play. 

Well, Mel showed me Cowan’s card.  Now I’m more impressed.  In ‘67, Cowan batted just .153 for the Phillies in 59 at-bats.  He hit three dingers, walked four times and stole a base.  I began to think that Cowan was used as a pinch-runner by the Phillies as he scored 11 runs.  Checking his game log, I see that I’m right.  Nine times. 

1967 Totals 34 16 66 59 11 9 0 0 3 6 1 4 14 .153 .203 .305
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 8/12/2014.


To be fair, Billy Cowan does have the ability to punch it.  He has a 66-1 and an 11-0.  Should you get to his second column, you still have a good shot for a homerun.  Cowan has 23 second column 1s.  If you don’t, he only has 11’s to cover the balance. 

After that though, it’s slim pickings in the offensive category for 1967 Billy Cowan’s APBA card.  He has hit numbers 8-8-9-9 giving him a 15-14 and a 25-40. 

Ugly numbers:  31-13, 51-13, 44-9

Billy Cowan banged out 40 homeruns in his 8-year career but almost half of them (19) came during his 1964 campaign when he was the starting centerfielder for the Cubs. 

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Having trouble accessing Steve’s APBA Card Computer? This might help

I’ve seen reports of some APBA fans having some trouble accessing Steve’s APBA Card Computer so I thought I’d pass on a quick tip to help fix it.  I’ve encountered a Java error and so did a fellow manager in the IAL.  It’s a quick fix and once implemented, it’s taken care of. 

If you get this error:


or this one:

Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running

This is what you can do:

  1. Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start –> Control Panel then Java)
  2. Click on the Security tab
  3. Click on the Edit Site List button
  4. Click Add in the Exception Site List window
  5. Click in the empty field under the Location field to enter the URL of Steve’s web page (I put in “http://www.jrat.net/steve/compuduck/cardcomp/” (without quotes) and it worked)
    Also, it’s a good idea to make sure you are running an up-to-date version of Java. 
    As I said, this seemed to work fine for me.  Steve, if you read this and have other suggestions, feel free to chime in. 
    By the way, thanks Steve!  Great tool! 

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    Monster Card Monday: 1932 Jimmie Foxx

    32foxx rich

    Pastor Rich comes up with another great suggestion for Monster Card Monday.  This card, I admit, I’ve never seen before.  It’s Jimmie Foxx’s 58-HR season in 1932.  Wow, what a card!

    Foxx did a lot in 1932.  Aside from leading the AL with 58 homers, 169 rbis and 151 runs, he batted a substantial .364 and walked 116 times as well as slapped 33 doubles. 

    That all added up to an MVP award for Foxx in 1932, his first of three in his career.

    1932 Totals 154 702 585 151 213 33 9 58 169 3 7 117 96 .364 .470 .749
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 8/11/2014.


    There’s obviously a lot to love about Foxx’ 1932 card starting with his triple ones.  All told, he has power numbers 1-1-1-4-6.  With a .364 batting average, he warrants a 55-7 and a 15-7 too. 

    32foxx rich-001Double X walked a fair amount in ‘32 and gets six 14s.  That includes a rare 43-14.  With the accompanying 42-14, that gives him 14s in two consecutive numbers on his card, a rarity among starting players. 

    Fun numbers:  Wow, take your pick… 33-1, 22-4, 15-7, 43-14, 23-41

    All this and his fielding ratings too.  Foxx is rated as a top rated 1B-5 but it doesn’t stop there.  He’s rated as a third baseman (3B-4), catcher (C-7), outfielder (OF-1), and shortstop (SS-6) too.  Note that Foxx only played first and third in the actual 1932 season.

    And unless I’m blind, there’s a number missing on this version of 1932 Jimmie Foxx.  I don’t see a 12 on his card at all.

    thanks Pastor Rich!

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    Baseballs are flying in Mel Maricic’s 1967 replay

    Phillies Billy Cowan 67TMel Maricic sends me an update on his 1967 replay. 

    Hi Tom,

    Baseballs are flying out of the park in my ’67 replay.  For the weekend series of 7/21-7/23 69 homeruns were hit in 35 games.  Harmon Killebrew had his second 3-homerun game of the season, he singled in the first, hit a two-run homer in the fourth, a solo shot in the sixth and another two-run blast in the eighth.  Killebrew was on deck in the ninth when Rod Carew made the final out of the inning.  Killebrew drove in all five runs in the 5-0 victory in the Friday night  game against the California Angels.
    Boston was in Cleveland and in the second game of the Sunday double header Joe Foy led off the third inning with a homerun against Sam McDowell.  The Red Sox already scored seven runs in the inning when Foy came to the plate against reliever John O’Donoghue and hit his second homerun of the inning.  I can’t recall any two homers in one inning by a player  in any of my games.
    I didn’t realize what a rare feat this was in baseball.  At least until the 90’s and 2000’s.

    In the NL, the Phillies’ Billy Cowan entered the Sunday game against the Reds in the third inning after Doug Clemens was ejected.  Cowan hit a solo homer in the fourth and then led of the bottom of the ninth with a walk-off homer.
    The Mets Bob Johnson led off the bottom of the tenth with his first homerun off the year to walk it off Against the Dodgers.
    Willie McCovey got the best of Ferguson Jenkins in game one of a Sunday DH.  McCovey blasted a grand slam and a two run homer in the Giants

    The Tigers still lead the Red Sox by 2 1/2 games in the AL.
    In the NL the Cardinals hold a one game lead over the Giants.

    Mel M

    Thanks for the update, Mel! 

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    APBA Life: add one more to APBA’s growing web community

    hoodI was pleased to see that another APBA fan has entered the blogosphere realm.  Richard Hood has just brought up his website called APBA Life.  Stop by and say hello.  Like me, Richard is a Illinois “downstater” which is code for anyone who doesn’t live in Chicago.  He is also a Cubs fan so in my opinion, he’s got that going for him.

    I’m always happy when more people write about APBA on the web for simple fact that it increases the visibility of the APBA game.  In the past five or ten years, there have been an increase of APBA-related websites.  If you’re interested in expanding your APBA reading base, below are some other sites to check out. 

    I’ve been following Rob Priewe’s blog detailing the ‘69 Cubs replay he doing.  Rob is a professor and a social media expert as well as a baseball fan so the blogging thing comes second nature to him, I’m sure.

    If you’re a 70s baseball fan, Kevin Burghardt, who I did an APBA Fan Profile of recently,  loves writing about his 1970s project on his Tumblr site, Best Teams of the 1970s

    I can honestly say that Ken Heard is probably the best writer among all of us APBA players out there.  He should be.  Ken is a reporter and writes for a living.  His blog, Life, Love and APBA Baseball is a journey into the psyche of an APBA fan.  I did an APBA Fan Profile of Ken last year.

    Paul Dylan’s site One for Five isn’t strictly APBA but he covers the tabletop sports gaming community.  Specifically, he has written about APBA Soccer which needs as much coverage as possible.  Paul has also taken the step of launching a One for Five newsletter available via pdf or print.  Bold move that might just pay off. 

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my commissioner Shawn Baier’s blog, The Boys of Summer.  Seriously, Shawn’s love for baseball shows in his writing.  Mainstream beat sportswriters have nothing on him.  Yeah, I did an APBA Fan Profile of Shawn last June too.

    APBA Football fans have a couple of fantastic sites to check out.  Greg Barath’s blog Oguard’s Replays not only details his replays but is also incredibly hands-on with tutorials, tips and even YouTube videos. 

    Most online APBA fans already know about Geoff Giordano’s APBA Football Club (also found on Facebook).  Geoff is emerging as a leader among not just the football crowd but the entire APBA community as a whole. 

    And while I’m at it, a few other handy links:

    APBA-related forums

    APBA Utilities and Resources on the Web

    and of course, the important one…

    The APBA Game Company

    I plan to make this a living document and will refer back to it later.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few key websites so feel to let me know in the comment section and I’ll add them. 

    Good luck Richard on the new site!  Thanks for impetus to document my blogroll for all to see!!

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    Brian Cavanaugh reports on the 2nd annual Robert Henry Memorial Tournament

    Brian Cavanaugh participated in this year’s Robert Henry Memorial Tournament in Willow Grove, PA and emailed me this report on the tourney.  Thanks Brian!! 

    Robert Henry Tournament

    This past weekend, the members of the Bridesburg APBA league participated in the second annual Robert Henry memorial tournament in Willow Grove PA.

    A brief history on the tournament

    This tournament was first discussed at the final Lancaster PA APBA tournament and fan convention. Through a series of emails the location an dates were selected. The tournament, organized by John Cochrane and Rebecca Peterson is a invite only tournament to include the members of the Bridesburg APBA league in a tournament style competition.  It is a day that the kids look forward to and enjoy.

    Here is a quick rundown of my tournament experience.

    Team selection: I had narrowed my choices down to the 1993 Phillies and the 1991 Twins. The ’93 Phillies are far and away my favorite Phillies team of all-time. They get on base and score runs, but with only 2 B starters, I would have had to send out a C every third game. In addition, the Phils have 2 W relievers.

    The ’91 Twins were another favorite of mine. I jumped on the Twins during their 1987 title run and made them my "American league team". Not to mention one of my all-time favorite non Phillies player, Kirby Puckett. A fielding 1 and 3 B starters doesn’t hurt either, so I chose the Twins.

    Game 1: vs 2010 Texas Rangers and played by fellow Bridesburg APBA leaguer Josh Rhoads. My Twins got off to a nice start with Chili David hitting a 2-run HR in the bottom of the first. Cliff Lee was able to settle down and held my bats in check as the Twins fell 5-2.

    Game 2: this game was the sign if things to come, vs 1949 Boston Red Sox.

    Scot Erickson tied the rubber against Ellis Kinder and my Twins recorded 3 walks and nothing else. That’s right, we were no-hit in a 8-0 loss!!

    Game 3: vs 1976 Cincinnati Reds

    Finally a well played game by the Twins as Kevin Tapani held the Reds offense to 1 run and the bullpen survived a late rally as the Twins pick up their first win of the day, 5-4.

    Game 4: A game I was looking forward too, a match up against 2 time champion Brian Wells and his 1911 Giants. Brian had blew my 1964 Phillies out the year before, so I was looking for some paybacks.

    It was a well played game, and the Twins trailed 2-1 heading into the bottom of the 9th inning. Chuck Knoblauch led off with a single and stolen base and 1 batter later, Kirby Puckett ignited the homer dome with a walk-off 2 run home run. As the dice settle on "11" , I could just hear Joe Buck calling out once again "and we’ll see you tomorrow night!!!"

    Game 5: vs 1929 AthleticsRobert Henry Tournament1

    Another match up with a Bridesburg APBA leaguer, first year tournament player Tom Madden. My Twins were never in this game as the A’s cruised to a 9-2 win. My hopes of winning the division were starting to be dashed.

    Game 6: vs 1982 Milwaukee Brewers

    This looked like a good matchup on paper, as the teams seemed to be evenly matched. The game was right until the "wall bangers" scored 3 late runs and went up 5-2. The Twins would make it interesting, but still fell 5-4

    Game 7: vs 1969 Mets

    Another game against a Bridesburg APBA leaguer, 2 time tournament player Joe Clawges. This was a solid game all around as the the Twins held a 1-0 lead until late. Before the game, I was notified that Joe needed to win to stay alive and I suddenly had a decision. Do I tank the game for Joe, or do I play spoiler? I started my regular 9 and got out to a 1-0 lead on a 3rd inning HR by Shane Mack. It was around the 5th inning that I decided to give Joe every chance to win. I made several defensive changes that brought me from a "1" to a "2" and even inserted Steve Bedrosian, a "D" reliever. Despite my efforts, the Twins walked away with a 2-1 win.

    With a record of 3-4, I missed the playoffs, but we all had a great time with the amazing people of the APBA community. The kids did good as league member Jason Stengal lost in the championship game to APBA hall of famer David Small.

    Congratulations to David Small on his tournament win!  Thanks to Brian for the great report and photos!!

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    Weird Card Wednesday: 1981 Roy Howell


    Milwaukee Brewer third baseman Roy Howell has a pretty standard APBA hitting card for a .238 hitter until you look at it a little more closely, that is.

    Smack dab in the middle of his card he has a inappropriately placed 35-7.  I’m pretty sure this was considered a card error by the APBA Company and regardless, most APBA fans I know consider it as such. 

    1981 Totals 76 273 244 37 58 13 1 6 33 0 23 39 .238 .306 .373
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 8/6/2014.

    howell-001Also, not so much ‘weird’ but a trend among this particular style of APBA card was the occasional bold emphasis of the font on the red numbers on certain rows.  It’s slight but it is noticeable. 

    You’ll see it here on the ‘27-7’ on Howell’s 52.  I’ve seen it on countless cards from this style of card.  I’m sure it’s just a printing thing and those more familiar with the process could probably speak to it better than I.

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